Dec 11, 2007

Of Poultry Farmers and more...

This is a bit late in the day, as many famous bloggers have written wonderful posts on the said topic.

The reason for this post is because I came across this:
Now, you might be thinking... "we see this every other day. What so special about this one?"

Well, my dear friends, what caught my attention was this:
The very revolutionary idea tugged at my mind for long, and I couldn't resist my stupid limericks... inspite of the very real fear of being sued or being forced to resign from my job... (btw, I salute the guy for being brave... let not the content of this post dilute his actions)...
so, here goes...
I believe in counting my chickens before they hatch
So, please pay your fees before you join my batch
Please don’t misunderstand me, honey
But passion to teach cannot substitute money
Forget the IIMs, to us, they are no match…

Have you come across any b-school,
which has a roof top swimming pool…
Oh, u cracked CAT and have offer from BLACKI?
But do those colleges offer you free laptops and Wi-fi?
You still want to go to IIMs, you fool?

Who wants to work for Goldman & Lehman?
When you can do consulting with P-l-a-n-m-a-n,
Unlike IIMs, we have no OBC Quota
Our USPs are GOP and GOTA,
And making movies like "Stop me if you can"

We have faculty from Harvard, Columbia and Yale
See, so many firang profs on a discount sale
Who cares about the All India Council for Technical Education?
Success is about slick marketing and communication,
Believe me guys, over here, life’s a fairy tale!

All it takes to get a magazine’s top rank
Are a few dollars discreetly put in a Swiss Bank
Think beyond the IIMs, do you dare?
If you have some ready dough to spare
Who cares whether you CAT scorecard shows a blank…

My latest plan is to kidnap
The guy who beats me in talking crap
His going to war for oil
Makes my democratic blood boil
Any suggestions on how to lay a trap?
PS: Please please don't sue me... I can't afford a lawyer


  1. there is no point in talking abt them da...

    u r out of a good b-school and have a decent future in front of u. so just "dont care" abt them and forget it...

    and if u r planning to spread awareness to the general public abt the bad points of joining a college like this there is no point here too... people today have a vast amount of information - and they lack the intelligence to process that... so there is no point in trying to make them understand... it is like the politicians who give free shirts and dhotis and sarees to make ppl vote, iipm makes them join their courses... if ppl cant think then that is not our problem...

    however is iipm doing something illegal like generating outlaws then definitely the law has to poke its nose...

    for bloggers like u and me there is nothing to do... except stay away.

  2. @ anand:
    I din expect this from u...

    u, of all ppl, shud know that i am not here to create social awareness, or write about serious topics...

    i don care if their ads are true, or whether they are fooling people...

    like bejan, this was more abt the spoofy rhymes...