Feb 13, 2011

One more V-day whine...

There is a tradition in this blog (or you may call it 'corrupting western influence') of whining on V-day.
I started it in 2008 as a fun thing.
And then cribbed more in 2009.
And in 2010.

And I continue this glorious tradition, risking life and limb in this day of militant senas threatening us against the very mention of the V-word.

So, here goes...


I am getting fatter, and a bit too old,
And unlike the proverb, old’s not gold!
The one other thing driving me to despair
is that small patch of rapidly thinning hair,
And oh, I am still searching for a hand to hold...

I am told, gals don’t care how you look
more about whether you know to cook...
I can make a mean sambhar with... beetroot!
and my friend once taught me ‘Salad-e-fruit’
But hey, I can sure read up on a recipe book.

Am also told they don’t care how much you make
as long as you have bread, and let them eat cake.
All they look for is someone with whom to share
their problems, someone who shows he does care
But, hey, empathy’s something I can never truly fake!

They also tell me, “you will eventually find
that gal of yours with an independent mind”
All the while it may seem very, very tough
But you just have to look for her hard enough!
Sigh! it doesn't help that I am partially blind...

And while it is easy to say “Never say die”
What can I do if I am naturally a bit too shy
I can think of funny (ok, not-so-funny) lines
But when I meet some potential valentines
I can’t even get myself to say a feeble “Hi”

So lately I have turned a bit too cynical
I think my girlfriend is a creature as mythical
as the entity some folks call ‘the Almighty God’
And before some sainik picks up an iron rod
Chill pal, there is no need to get physical! 


PS: I can't even come up with a decent PS nowadays. Loser!