Dec 15, 2007


A short post for a change...

Date: 15 Dec 2007
Time: 10.54 a.m.

Me on chat: "haven't worked a weekend till now. touch wood..."

Date: 15 Dec 2007
Time: 3.36 p.m.

Me (woken up from a dream by a call, number recognizable but too sleepy to note such things): Hello
Voice: Hello Siva
Me (drowsiest voice possible): haan bol
Voice: main XYZ baat kar raha hoon... kal office aa jaana...
Me: oh ok, boss!!!!...

Somewhere in the back of head, I hear a loud evil buhahahahaha laugh.


  1. hah... my murphy faster and smarter and quicker than yours...

    evening 5:30pm on mail to the group:
    i am gonna catch the 545 bus and reach home... buhahahah

    boss at 5:32pm even as i am pressing the send button:
    anand can u just run this engine that will take some f***ing 3 hours after making sure that the data is fine on both sides which should not take less than one hour, and run the result script which will execute in about 1.5 hours and finally send me a formatted report with neatly classified charts for individual and cumulative values which will take just about 2 hours. dont leave late at nite, it is not safe. and the first bus is at 6am.i hope u can stay till 6 am tomorrow. u can rite ?

    5:33pm murphy just as my boss's voice is fading away:

  2. @ monk:
    u stayed overnite in office?????

  3. no... till 11pm.. and left with a colleague who took pity on me and dropped me near my home... but not before i spent some 100 bucks on a dinner (actually a snack) from subway because no other place was open...

    nowadays i dont take murphy too seriously... i am used to it...

  4. Nice write-up .. but working on a weekend should not be something attributed to Murphy's Law. Now look at monk's story .. thats def good ole Murphy at work :)

  5. @ Avi:
    i'm the first one to agree tht monk has an undying friendship wid murphy... in fact, they stay together...
    but he keeps sending him over to visit me now and then... :(

  6. srk: u have murphy's littal bro... he is still in the lurrrning phase...

    i dont deal with beginners... i have the expert...

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