Jan 26, 2008

Load shedding :)

T’was the summer of nineteen ninety aight
A guy was planning to study all night
But soon he had to put aside his book
He wondered how his mother could cook
With the help of a single candlelight…

Yes friends, it was the season of load-shedding
And the boy found himself heading
To a friend whose father ran a lodge,
So that the darkness he could dodge
And sure enough, that place was lit up like a wedding

Some dark days, he racked his brain
Till he saw the famous Blue Mountain train
A brainwave struck, and so the studious bookworm
Joined a few friends on the well lit Railway Platform
Man, studying for the Board exams was a real pain…

Thankfully, his results were fairly good
Since he had tried as hard as he could
His parents asked him, “wanna go to Bombay?”
“Don’t bother about what people might say
No one can dictate what you shouldn’t or should”…

And thus, the nerd landed up in this big bad city
He wanted no sympathy, no "baccha hai" pity
He had many a point to prove
And had to work hard to find his groove
Some days he did, others days he felt shitty…

He studied a lot, M.Com, ICWA and then an MBA
Landed a job with a nice company and a decent pay
But deep inside, what made him really, really happy
Was the hope that someday, somewhere, a little chappie
Can study whenever he wants, and not just during the day…

From the land of the "load shedding" to a hope of a "Power for all" India...
Project Finance - Energy, here I come!!!

Jan 24, 2008

Rahu Kaalathula porandhavane... (translated as "person born during rahu kaal")

People who know me well would also know that I consider myself a pretty rational human being. Not the kind that believe in odd superstitions, like rahu kaal. Inspite of this.

Well, today was just another day at the office. Me, working hard on a deal, only for it to fall apart. So, before I took up the second deal on which I was supposed to work, I decided to take a small break during the lunch and play a simple game to relax myself. Since success in card games usually depends on some luck in the way the cards are dealt, I thought I would opt for the simpler Minesweeper. After all, once you get a correct opening, it is based purely on calculations. Or so I thought.

Until I came to this... (pay close attention to the top left panel which denotes that there is just one mine left. See two unopened boxes just below a smiling face. I just need to guess the correct one and I have won this game. The top right panel shows the time taken, but then, I am not so slow as you may infer... the game was played with a lot of other breaks in between).

People who are not familiar with the game won't get it. My apologies...

I need not have put up the "what happenned next?" part... but then, just to clear any doubts...

Any guesses on whether the deal I am working on will pass through?

Jan 1, 2008

New Year Resolutions...

This New year, I resolve...

To bug people more
To crack worse PJs
To make up bad limericks
To come up with duh! status msgs
To ogle at good looking girls
To crib as often as possible - about life, money, girls, everything
To eat as many chocolate cakes as possible, waist size be damned
To poke fun at weight-conscious people for all the things they are missing in life
To watch stupid movies...
To recommend the same to other people and gloat in their misery
To write more stupid blog posts...