Dec 29, 2011

Of old men and fasts...

'Tis the season for silliness and your not-so-humble correspondent willy-nilly wakes up from a long hibernation to his favourite form of silly...

I'll tell you 'bout an old man who loved to fast
He also conjured up visions of a glorious past
if you drink, he'll have you tied up and flogged
and in his village, all the limelight he hogged
I wonder, how long will his movement last

He has adopted a pro-democracy label
but no one in his village can watch cable
his village hasn't had an elected panchayat
coz he runs it like his fiefdom, makes me think that
to appreciate irony, this man is a bit unable

So this peaceful old man with a love for whips
decided to go on another of his many ego trips
to his credit, he stood against the state without fear
but the lack of crowds did not bring him much cheer
sometimes he flops, because on ideas, often he flips

He is backed by the very-fiery Ms. Bedi
who created history by being the first lady
to become an IPS officer and soon a supercop
once she towed a car and made an angry PM hop
till they found some of her travel deals were shady...

We also have a intelligent chap named Kejriwal
who had a fancy document called Jan Lokpal
He wanted to bring to book all the fools
who have made it a habit to break all the rules
but the wise fools knew one thing: "How to stall"

there is a lesson in this for us, dear friends
that the road is never straight, it always bends
you must strike while the iron is red and hot
because damned public memory is always short
it don't matter how you start, but only how it ends!


PS: The trigger for this post is a statement by our modern Gandhi (or was it one of his team) who remarked that the country is being run by dictators. Coming from a man who flogs people for drinking, forcibly makes all his villagers vegetarians, bans cable TV, and hasn't held panchayat elections, isn't it irony at its delicious best?