Feb 14, 2019

The dirty dozen...

Twelve years. A lot can happen over 12 years. It is the same time it takes you to finish school, to grow from a confused little pre-kindergarten kid to a precocious know-it-all.

Twelve years is a long time. Twelve years ago, Instagram didn’t exist, a certain TV show with dragons hadn’t even premiered and you still had to wave your hands to get a cab instead of summoning one through an app.

But some things are truly timeless. Like Sachin Tendulkar’s batting highlights. Thiruda Thiruda songs. Crazy Sangh/ Sena guys roaming around harassing young couples. And SRK cribbing on V-day.

So, here we present, the Dirty Dozen edition of SRK’s V-day cribs…

Many years ago, when I was single and free
I might have wished for a girlfriend or three
But a couple of years ago, I met my match
I’m no Jonty, but she was the perfect catch
“Ah, life is so blissful”, I thought “Lucky me!”

Alas, the blissful phase did not last too long
Like I am dancing, but she’s changed the song
It’s the little things, like I am very, very lazy
And for some reason, that drives her crazy
We are still super happy, don’t get me wrong.

She says “Hello mister, where have you been?”
“Didn’t I tell you these shelves need to be clean?”
Now, I rarely tidy up, unless I really, really must
Coz there’s more to life than rearranging dust
So I say, “Relax baby, please don’t create a scene!”

“Will you please put down that goddamn book…
“… and cut these veggies soon so that I can cook!”
And I say again, “relax sweetie, that’s no biggie…
why do we have to cook when we have Swiggy?”
I meet her gaze and she gives me that look!

I ask “What do you want as a Valentine gift?”
“That you climb up the stairs and avoid the lift!
“I’d like nothing better than see you get fit”
“Wait, didn’t you marry me for my charming wit?
All of a sudden, how can your priorities shift?”

Lest you think we only bitch and crib and fight
We have never let any problem stew overnight
Everything’s resolved with a heart-to-heart talk
Or by simply going together on a really long walk
Love’s not blind, rather, it makes everything bright!