Feb 14, 2018

Eleven and counting...

Last year, I promised to end a 10-year long tradition of writing bad rhyme on V-day. After all, the whole point of putting up those posts had been to crib about my non-existent love life, and once I got married (to the most wonderful woman possible!), I had figured that there was no point continuing the mandatory annual crib fest.

But certain things have a way of stubbornly coming back. Like Afridi in cricket. Bad loans in SBI. Terminator II. That piece of turd in the pot after multiple flushes. And SRK rhyming on V-day.

On that stinky note, here goes this year's edition:

After a decade of pretending to be clever and witty
While basically making crap jokes about all things shitty
When you realize it’s V-day, but you’re no longer single
A chill runs down your spine, your toes start to tingle
You are supposed to gift your wife something pretty!

She already has too many clothes, in blue and green,
And lots of shoes, all arranged in a box neat and clean,
You buy her a perfume and she starts to think...
Is he just being nice, or do I actually stink?!?
Gifting is complicated, you know what I mean!

Cook her a nice meal, something she loves to eat?
Except all I know is to make sambar with beet!
Get her some chocolates and really nice flowers?
Or treat her to a good dinner in a place with happy hours?
To figure out what would work, I need some superpowers!

In the end, the miser in me didn’t pick up any gift
Plus I ended up working the graveyard shift
So the least I could do was to stay up and write
Some lines that I could dedicate to Mrs. Right
To the one whose smile gives me a mood lift!

Next year, maybe I will actually buy some stuff
Maybe over time, gifting won’t seem so tough
For now, I’ll just say thank you for coming into my life
And more importantly, for agreeing to be my wife
That’s all I could do this year, I hope it is enough!


PS: Maybe this can continue. After all, traditions need to be upheld!