Nov 25, 2007

For no rhyme or reason - 3

Since it is the season of outrageous quotes and silly limericks, please excuse the crude writing and the obscene foul language... the quality of the writing has to be in sync with the subject after all...

Baby, one more time, I am Britney Spears
I tell this with a lot of tears
My mom has taken to bed
My last husband, wot’s his name K-Fed
Oh, I so want to kick both their rears…

I haven’t been able to come to grips
What’s the big deal about locking lips
Of course, t’was Material Girl and not some boy
But, why should I be so coy
I was only asking the diva for some tips…

Oh, for old times’ sake
I still say hi to Timberlake
Till one night at the Super Bowl
He did an act most foul
Oh, I suffered my first heart break

And, this one event, I did attend
The marriage of my childhood friend
The bastard took me for a ride
I never realized I was the bride
But, 55 hours later, I said “the End”

“What’s ur f***ing problem, dude?”
If I roam in front of my kids in the nude
I had taken so many drugs
I couldn’t care who looked at my j**s
Sometimes, I wish you’d stop being such a prude


  1. Why don't you give a tune to it also. :)

  2. kya kare khamosh ji, hume mujik nahi aata...