Nov 21, 2007

"And He gave it to me"...

I always thought Bombay Times was all about Page 3, celebrities who are famous for being famous, parties, PYTs* in LBDs**, Bollywood gossip and stuff like that...
but BT has shown that it is also a newspaper that cares... that makes people want to believe in God, to believe in miracles and to give them hope.

[For those who don't read BT as often... you dunno what you are missing!
* PYT - Pretty Young Thing
** LBD - Little Black Dress]

This is what they had put up today... it was so good that I immediately did PrtScr rather than give you a link

And since I am affected by the limerick bug nowadays... here goes...

(warning: certain links may not be safe for office)

hello ppl, i'm the sexy Salma Hayek
i've alwez wanted to wear a low neck
alas, i used to have a flat chest
so, prayed to God for a bigger breast
He granted my wish, and din even ask for a paycheck!!!

Hey u, staring down there, look up please,
My name in Aramaic means ‘Calm and Peace’
If you really dig up my past
You’ll know I was an aspiring gymnast
So, there’s much more to me than movies of birds and bees…

From your eyes, I can tell
My sexy moves cast a ‘spell’
To think I suffered from dyslexia
Mind you, it is not anorexia,
For my size, I eat very well…

I can also sing a song
And not just look good in a thong
I am the producer of Ugly Betty
I am rich enough to own a private jetty
My list of achievements is quite long...

You’ve seen Bandidas, I hope
If not, throw yourself off a hill slope,
We rob many a bank,
And bad guy’s asses, we spank
And I even taught kissing to Penelope


  1. very good subject... it should be taught to all the kids that they should be god fearing and good will give them all that they want - only they have to pray everyday...

    too bad... now all those nice business men who mail you everyday promising you bigger organs will go bankrupt... god is giving us the same things free...

  2. @ Anand
    after all, if THIS doesnt motivate a guy to pray, nothing will...

    mebbe the Church she visited will start the new spam chain...
    come to our church, dip ur hands in holy water, and ur wish will come true...