Jun 10, 2009

What is the world coming to...

Man: What is the world coming to?

Old Woman: Indeed.

Man: What is a man to do if he can't earn some money using his brains? Go dig roads for a measly minimum wage?

Old Woman: At least you will have the strength to do that. What about a poor, illiterate woman like me? Slave away at people's homes for less than minimum wage?

Man: Yes, if the Government cannot take care of me, the least it can do is not poke its nose into my business.

Old Woman: Jai Madi to that!!!

Man: Remember the good old days? Our hero, the pride of our state, made some pocket change by hinting to people that they can double their money in no time.

Old Woman: And we get jailed for doing the same thing? What wrong did we do? We happenned to tell people that we can treble their money with Jai Maa ji's blessings.

Man: And they call that a crime? I'll tell you what is criminal. That the people who believed us had money to spare in the first place. Money is too precious a thing to be left with greedy fools.

Old Woman: And I feel really sorry for the first few. They took a gamble early, rather than following the herd, and were justly rewarded for that. That's why I gladly gave them three times the money as promised.

Man: And just when they were thanking their good fortune, and making plans to buy houses and marry off their daughters, the police comes in and and forces them to pay the money back!!!

Old Woman: Indeed, how cruel!!!

Man: They made their money fair and square. They took a risk, it paid off. What next? Force every guy who doubles his money on Nifty call options to give it back? As I said, what is the world coming to...
Disclaimer: The author does not consider that savvy investment bankers in their pin-striped suits selling multi-million dollar public offerings are no better than conmen with their triple-your-money schemes.
Disclaimer 2: However, considering the author wanted to be an investment banker at one point of time (which Fin MBA doesn't?), and was highly unsuccessful at making it, he can't resist taking such digs when the opportunity presents itself.


  1. One thing that's true around the world is that only small-scale crime is punished. Large-scale crime is only rewarded. Swindle 10L, go to jail; swindle 5000C, get a cabinet rank. Kill 1 man, go to jail; kill millions, run your own dictatorial regime. The moral is that if you are gonna become a criminal, go all out and don't hold back. This idiot went medium-scale, that was his undoing.

  2. @ idling:
    a 1000 crore scam is hardly medium scale :)

    and even Madoff with his 50 billion dollar scheme was jailed...

    simple rule: don't get caught :D

  3. Inflation, friend. $50B is now too small for the US. You have to do it at much bigger scale. Say, $1.8 Trillion? And for India, it's 50kC min, now. :)