Jun 30, 2009

Now, THAT's positive thinking!!!

Q. What do you do when you return home late from work, only to realize your roomie/maid has left the tap partially open, causing the water to flow into the overhead tank which made it overflow, resulting in your house resembling the famous flooring of the Indraprashta palace in Mahabharata, only this time the water's real and there's no Draupadi to laugh at you, and you are too damn lazy to mop it up since the last time this happenned, it took you 45 whole minutes of struggling with an old cloth filled with holes, and you are damn hungry too, so you decide to have dinner before cleaning up, then realize you ate too much and can't even bend, and you need something, anything, to draw your mind away from all the Murphyism that's happenning in your life?

A. You make little paper boats from old train tickets and watch them bob up and down!!!

PS: Don't have a camera, so no pics can be posted!


  1. I think the rain gods have punished you for having talked ill about rains! Ensoy!!!!

    OMG! I had supported you! I'd watch out tomorrow for any pipe leaks.

  2. well done, Ariel. :P

  3. Anonymous12:59 PM

    I love making paper boats..so cool! :)
    But looks like some revenge is involved from rain God and leaky pipes!;)

    orrey positive thinking.. unga blood group B+ aa?


  4. Please write a book. I'll order 3 copies myself :)

  5. if u make boats of travel tickets, then would you get to go on a cruise?

    i would say sack the maid... if it were the roomie, divert the water into his room...

    hey wait... that would be your room too right?

    i am now confused... did u sleep under an umbrella?

  6. @ Chiju:
    the pipe did not leak... it was left open :(

    and the rain gods will punish me later by flooding out my area!!!

    @ Anjana:
    Ariel? idhu endha kadhai?
    the only Ariel i have heard of (apart from the detergent) is the one in Shakespeare's Tempest... and I don't even remember which character that was...

    @ Anon SS:
    i was amazed tht i could remember how to make them! :)
    and bingo on the blood group... though i think cynicism runs in my blood...

    most ppl missed the broader point here... that positive thinking does not change the situation, and in fact, can at best serve as a diversion... and the floor will not be dry by positive thinking...

    @ Hari:
    Why pay when you can read it all here for free :)
    on a serious note, i don think i have a book in me yet...

    @ Anand:
    i wish i could go on a cruise... to some place far far away...

    i'd sack the maid... but i'm too used to luxury now to wash my own clothes, and clean my own room... and maids are difficult to come by... damn Shiney!

    and i didnt need to divert water into his room... water is an equal opportunity offender... and we DO have separate rooms!!!

    and why would i sleep under an umbrella?

  7. Anonymous12:46 PM

    @your comment - "and maids are difficult to come by... damn Shiney!"..LMAO!!!


  8. er..The Little Mermaid?

  9. @ Anon SS:
    well, the idea is kinda borrowed... I received an SMS which went "My maid refuses to wash the vessels clean... she says she is afraid of anything shiney"

    bad joke... i know...

    @ Anjana:
    Hmm... don't remember having read that... have seen the cartoon long back... will have to google to find what it means :)