Jun 15, 2009

It can't be two years already!

I can’t believe it’s been two years already! As clichéd as it sounds, it seems like only yesterday that we met for the first time. I had already wooed two other beauties, both of whom had dumped me at the first date. I was running around desperate, when she said yes. And of course, I said yes without blinking. Or thinking.

As is usual, the first few months were the most exciting. We discovered new things about each other, and I dare say, she helped me find myself. Every day I spent with her, I learnt something new. And exciting.

But it wasn't all smooth sailing. In those early days, I was also confused as hell. I did not know what to do, what to say, and to be honest, I have often wondered whether I deserve to be with her. And I am still not fully convinced that I am worth the riches she lavishes me with.

Of course, there have been days when we did not see eye-to-eye. When I have asked myself why the hell I am still stuck with her. When I have longingly looked at other friends who seemed happier, and wondered whether I should move on. To a better partner, one who might make me feel a bit more special.

But just when the clouds of doubt gather in my mind, she provides a new spark which revives the fire in our relationship. Yep, that’s the magical thing about her. Or at least was.

Of later, there has been a lull in our relationship. The spark, or whatever it was, is just a distant memory. Our relationship is not going anywhere. I can’t remember the last time we really had fun. To put it crudely, I am not getting any.

But I have decided to stay put. Partly out of loyalty. Partly because no one else seems interested. But mostly because, somehwere deep in my heart, I still love her.

After all, she’s my first job.


PS: People, especially feminazis, who think it is crude to compare a job to a woman, please excuse. In my defence, I’m kinda married to my job. And she is no less demanding than any real woman I have met. And equally hard to please.

PS2: Yeah, yeah, you guessed it in the very first para that this is not about a real woman. For one dumb enough to read this far, you do have some smarts.


  1. Anonymous1:57 PM

    I think I enjoyed reading the post..and particularly the 'PS' n 'PS2' statements! :P

    Congrats on completing two yrs!

    first it was ur blog bday, then ur bday n now work-anniversary...life seems to be a celebration! :D


  2. so what makes you think your job is a she and not a he? Try reversing the genders and you`d want to run asap! :)

  3. @ Anon SS:
    Yes, kondattamo kondattam!! :D

    @ Lipika:
    Well, let's see... some of these points are covered in the post, but still...
    1. I am obsessed with it.
    2. I spend all day and most weekends with it.
    3. It's been two years and I haven't understood it.
    4. It is demanding, occasionally frustrating, but a promise of reward makes me stick with it.

    Nope, this CANNOT be a guy... if it were, I'd just have a beer with it, and we'd talk about how India could have won T20 if Sachin had been in the team...

  4. in all fairness, your post could have been about a woman, but knowing ur train of thought, i figured it to be somethin else!

    and in response to ur comment to lipika, it still could be a guy!
    replace it with "it" esp in pt. no. 4 where u "stick" with it! ;)

    yeah yeah..i know i think konnai :)

    ps - edited my post in response to ur comment! :)

  5. Echo your thoughts buddy!

  6. @ fiona:
    I can't come up with any smart-ass response to this comment...
    so, I give up!

    @ Gordon:
    like company, like thinking?

  7. Congrats on two years..
    "The first two dumped me on the first date"... good one.. :)

  8. @ Chiju:

    And what's so good about gettin dumped on the first date? :(

  9. hmmm.. :)
    the way u've put i assumed that u attended the interview and din get selected..
    that has been well put.. is what i meant.. :)

  10. @ Chiju:
    well, actually, it is more like passing thru all the initial rounds, getting to the final stage and then being told no...

    as for just attendin interviews, well, it was a b-school... i essentially ran from one interview room to another :)