May 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Kiruku!!!

Me: Happy Birthday Kiruku! It feels like you were born yesterday, and you are already three years old!!!

Kiruku: That’s it? Just 'Happy Birthday'? No party, no cake, no gifts?

Me: Er... Cakes and parties and gifts are for real people in the real world. You are just a virtual creation. Technically, you don’t even exist!

K: What do you mean I am not real? If anything, I am more real than you.

Me: And how is that?

K: You see, you exist in a world where people never let down their guard. So, you watch your words, seldom show your true nature, shy away from toilet humour, are politically correct and diplomatic... essentially, you hide yourself behind this image of what you think people like to see. And you interact with other people who have their own masks. And all of you go around pretending that everything is hunky-dory.

Me: Whoa! Wait a minute...

K: I, on the other hand, am blunt, in your face, crack stupid jokes, compose crappy rhymes, express strong opinions without fear of what others think, and you know... be the definition of WSYIWYG.

Me: Man, for a three year old, you do think very highly of yourself! Sorry to shatter your ‘I am the reality’ illusion, but you see, I live in a world where I can’t hide who I am. If I am short, pot-bellied, bald and ugly, I can’t pretend to be Brad Pitt. Or Hugh Jackman. Or whoever is the latest sexiest man alive. If I am terribly shy in front of people, especially girls, I have to deal with it. I can’t suddenly shave off my moustache, wear tight tees and do dance pe chance maaro with girls half my age.

K: So?

Me: You, on the other hand, don’t have a face. Or a belly. You are a screen, and people can imagine what they want about you. You can project yourself to be this smart, suave guy and no one will ever know the truth. In fact, they won’t even care. Just because some people say you are funny (and that too because they are polite) doesn’t mean you are this stud with a fan following. Wake up and smell the coffee. Molachu moonu elai vidale, paecha paaru!

K: Dude, watch your tongue. My mental age is higher than yours.

Me: Heh, keep dreaming.

K: I even had an image makeover recently. And I have a much better social life. I have a princess visiting me, people from US and UK saying hi, and lately, even an anonymous fan! Even your friends from your so called ‘real’ world come and say hi to me. You on the other hand, spend your weekends playing AoE on your comp.

Me: Whoa, I do go out for dinner with friends. And even movies occasionally.

K: Just because some people are kind enough to tolerate your nonsense and accommodate you once in a while! And keep copying my PJs and soon, even they’ll run out of patience.

Me: Ok ok, what will you take to shut up?

K: Nothing.

Me: Thank you!

K: I meant I won’t shut up. I will keep talking. I talk, therefore I am. The day I run out of things to say, I’ll die.

Me: Here’s wishing you a long life. Even if you continue to say stupid things. Cheers!


PS: Yes, as you guessed it, the blog turns three. And it has been a wonderful journey. Don't tell him (it?) though.


  1. Fantastic!
    Hope your blog matures further.
    Like Wine and Cheese it only gets better with age.

  2. hehehhe..tell K not to feel terribly important..we all lou u - not him (it?) ;)

    here's to many more kiruku posts....happy budday! ;)

  3. Happy birthday :)

    P.S-I was about to celebrate my 10th post :P

  4. Do continue with the humor on your subsequent posts too. Here's wishing you many more. :)

  5. happy budday maams !!!

    and srk, hope u learn something from the alter-EGO !!!

  6. Janamdin ki haardik shubhkaamnayein :) ... I agree with kiruku more than you :P

  7. @ Vivek:
    and my version of 'getting better with age' would mean more stupid jokes and crappier rhymes...

    @ Fiona:
    now, I am feeling terribly important! :D
    and tnx for the wishes...

    @ Anjana:
    10 posts with a broken leg is worth celebrating :)

    @ Monk:
    Kiruku thanks you for being there for him (it?) right from the days he (it) was an infant... (senti)

    and SRK declares that he is not interested in any more lessons...

    @ Roshan:
    tnx... and it says something for *your* mental age that you agree with a three year old... rather than a smart, suave MBA ;)

  8. Anonymous9:44 AM

    Congrats on your blog turning three! :)


  9. @ Anon SS:
    tnx, from me and from Kiruku :)

  10. Heh. I once had this huge argument (in my head) on whether I must celebrate my blog birthdays. I decided against them because the blog is an extension of my personality and not a different entity. It keeps my brain more organised if I think that way.

    Still, congrats! Three years is a long time for you to keep an audience interested. Put up a top 5 of your favourite posts type thing (because often the bloggers favourite are very different from the audience's favourite)?

  11. @ dhiliphen:
    tnx man :)

    @ aand38s:
    I also had this argument in my head, but I decided to blog about it :)

    and while I would say the blog is just an extension of my personality, Kiruku doesnt agree ;)

    and for a better part of the three years, there were a total of 3-4 readers... myself included... so no pressure to keep people entertained...

    and lastly, 5 is too few a number... I do have a label called 'Personal Favs' (on the sidebar), which numbers 10 for now... as for the readers' (not audience) favourite, well, few people would have read ALL the posts... and so the latter ones would rank higher if I were to ask them...

    and u have some nice jokes on ur blog... always good to see a fellow PJ maker :)

  12. Hi,


    Here's to more 'crimes'(of rhymes, of course). Looking forward to reading many more posts and many more b'days...

  13. @ Sangeetha:

    tnx... and yeah, the crimes will continue :)