May 26, 2009

Why I did not enter the temple...

I just stood back and looked at my Mom
As her face struggled to hide her mind’s storm
When she went in the temple, and I stayed out
“In a family that is so pious and devout,
Why did this son have to break the norm?”

“Oh God, he did accompany me all the way”
I knew she was pleading, as I watched her pray,
chanting myriad sholkas to ward off His wrath
since I had apparently dishonoured my holy jaath!
While she arranged the flowers on the puja tray…

I watched amused as she rang the temple bell
Presumably to save me from an eternity in hell
The huge brass thing went ding dong ding dong
Every ring resounding, to dispel my grave wrong
She stood there rooted, as if under a magic spell…

She asked “Why do you have to be so brash?”
as she smeared on my forehead some holy ash,
I just smiled, as she ran her hands over the lamp
And then over my eyes, while hers turned damp,
“who do you think you are, Ogden Nash?”

Now, why didn't I enter the famous temple?
The reason is pretty straight and simple;
before you go ahead and brand me an atheist
please note, outside, there was a visual feast
in the form of a goddess, with a cute dimple...


  1. ahaa. kavithai kavithai.

  2. I dunno. I think dimples are overrated. Never been a huge fan of the dimply look.

  3. @ RR:
    I dunno whether that was the intent, but that somehow reminded me of Kamal's "Abhirami, Abhirami" tone in Guna...

    @ Idling:
    Think Preity Zinta in her 'Soldier' days... think Gul Panag...

    still not convinced? then let's agree to disagree :)

  4. Ada Paavi... :-))

    I had a cousin-brother who didn't believe in God. He would come to the temple with us, but not enter. i alwayz used to wonder y he bothers to come at all... now i know/can guess!!!

  5. @SRK: I know.. i was going to say more, but figured ud get it..

    Why the orey outflow of kavithai suddenly?

  6. @ Sangeetha:
    smart guy, your cousin :)

    @ RR:
    "Why the orey outflow of kavithai suddenly?"

    let's just say I renewed my poetic license recently ;)

    but actually, writing prose requires more time... and effort... so, this shortcut...

  7. AAhhh... Dimples... she must have cute...

    Lemme add to the list kirsten dunst, hilary duff...

    dimples rock...\m/

  8. Preity - not really. Gul Panang - not at all. Of the list, I think only Hillary Duff (I feel like a pedophile for saying this) is cute. The only other I could think of is Deepika, who'd be a babe dimple or not!

  9. Whats with the poetry now?
    Meant for someone?

  10. Anonymous9:33 AM

    ahaa..super po!


  11. @ Apocalypse:
    yeah, dimples rock!
    though I am not a big fan of kirsten dunst...

    @ Idling:
    "Gul Panang - not at all"
    well, I figure we differ widely in choice of babes...
    agree on Deepika though... dimple or not!

    @ Vivek:
    For no rhyme or reason ;)

    @ Anjana:
    heh, my mom still calls me that! temple boycott notwithstanding!

    @ Anon SS:
    ahaa... tnx :)

  12. u choose to go for a dimpled chick over God?? hmmm...hell may def be on the cards for u ;)

    unless of course u happened to have gone to a Krishna temple..only Krishna appreciates stunts like those :P

  13. @ Fiona:
    let's just say that like my Bollywood namesake, I choose to see 'Rab' in the girl ;)

  14. There was a girl, friendly and simple,
    Cute, bubbly and with a lovely dimple.
    I saw her at the temple, I made eyes,
    Few visits later, I broke the ice.

    Along came another one, far too complex,
    Her dancing eyebrows, concave or convex.
    Simple Dimple was suddenly run of the mill
    When compared to the eyebrows that couldn't stay still.

    Dimple tried shaping her brows,
    Hoping my interest she would again arouse,
    But nothing worked for poor Dimple,
    And she stopped coming to the temple.

    You can shape those eyebrows all you want,
    But beyond a point, they really cant
    Match those that dance
    At every given chance.

  15. @ aandthirtyeights:

    sooper! dancing eyebrows indeed!

  16. gul panag? seriously?

  17. @ Anjana:
    yes, seriously...

    for acting in sensible movies like Dor (i'll forget her misadventures with Shakti Kapoor in some crap movie)

    for her love of fast cars... I dont know of any other Bollywood actress who did a few laps on an F1car... most of them are content posing near cars...

    for her cute smile...