May 15, 2009

A blog about a block...

What does one do when one's life is as interesting as watching paint dry?
One comes up with really stupid lamericks that make people cry!!!

So, here goes...

"All your personal sites lead to bandwidth clog"
The IT dept. revived a dead horse, once again to flog
So, they come up with something called Websense
though I believe it should actually be called nonsense
damn, it even blocked out my nice little blog!

When will those damn guys realise
that gmail and yahoo are not a vice
that checking cricinfo for today's score
doesn't really make one a kaamchor
will somebody answer our SOS cries??

where there is a will, there is a way
at least that's what the wise men say
people are learning how to bypass
after all, they do need some timepass
work's not just about the In-and-out tray!!

You may threaten with all your might
But we'll not go down without a fight
We'll continue visiting orkut/facebook
by all means, by hook or by crook
have you never heard of 'proxy site'?

I hope you know we are in a slow down
btw, that's not a verb, it's actually a noun
why would you want to increase your spend?
and make rules, that people will break and bend
and end up making you look like a clown!

PS: While the break from frentic blogging can be partially blamed on the web(non)sense thingy, I should also admit that I am running out of ideas. Which, according to some, is not a bad thing.



    Running out of ideas?

    If you get bored of watching paint dry you can watch your finger nails grow!

  2. Anonymous9:52 AM

    I came to your blog from chutney's, and I should say you are hilarious.. brilliant posts! :)
    I landed up reading all your posts!

    Add me to your fan following!


    PS: Are you cute? ;)

  3. Anonymous10:16 AM

    before you wonder..just read 2 yrs of few hrs..
    have kept the remaining for another day! :)


    PS: love your pjs!

  4. @ Vivek:
    yes, actually running out of ideas...

    and yeah, finger nails seems to be the next stage...

    @ Anon:
    tnx, and welcome...

    PS: I am not cute, but I can act cute :)

  5. You are running out of ideas or are the ideas run away from you? Which is the truth? out with it.

  6. I can only hope. For your soul and eternal hapiness that SS happens to be female. Otherwise you are so fugged. Chugga! Chugga!

  7. @ Venky Uncle:
    Yeah, it could also be that ideas are running away from me and I'm too fat to run after them :)

    @ Winter:
    SS has to be a female. If it were a guy, the question would have been "Are you hot?"

    and if it is guy looking for a cute guy, I'll throw s.377 of the IPC at him... till it is repealed atleast...

  8. Anonymous9:12 AM

    LOL at the comments here..may I just add that I am 24-yr old person who happened to be a girl! :)

    I love your writing n keep blogging!


  9. dude...if this is your running out of ideas..then im waitin to see when u are full of ideas...kudos! :)

    and SRK has a fan!! woo hoo! :P

  10. @ Anon SS:
    A 24-yr old girl who likes MY pjs?
    please state ur defintion of cute... and lemme see if i can match up :)

    @ Fiona:
    when i am full of ideas, i write those rhymes about crap :)

    "and SRK has a fan!! woo hoo! :P"
    should i blush at that? is blushing "cute"?

  11. Anonymous1:01 PM

    I kinda like kaddi jokes :D

    All I can say you have a loyal fan following ur blog.. :)