May 22, 2009

Boring Friday Afternoon...

First, just as I was getting out of bed,
You made me slip and bang my head…
While I struggled to get that one last wink,
I never really stopped to somehow think
That you were going to make me see red!

Second, in the morning, in that shared rick
You put me up with that stupid little prick!!!
Is it really such an impossibly difficult task,
For Your Almighty Highness, may I humbly ask,
to instead send along a cute little single chick???

Then, I went to have my mid-morning tea
And lo behold, what do I presently see?
A fully empty (glucose) biscuit jar
Leading me to give gaalis do-chaar
While you listened, smiling with glee…

After that comes the stupid stoooopid lunch
Although, by now, I should have had a hunch
But, God, badly cooked Chinese fried rice!!!
Sometimes, your tricks are not at all nice
Frankly, right now, I’d throw you a bloody punch!!!

So now, on this dreary Friday afternoon,
All I ask of Thee is a single little boon!
Please grant me a relaxing weekend,
With no meetings or con-calls to attend…
Or am I already asking for the Moon?
PS: Alarmed by anonymous 24 year olds commenting on her son's blog, the mom is rushing to bombay to ensure that her son hasn't gone 'bad' and become a 'small wall'. So, while the son attends to her, he might not be updating the blog for a week or so.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. :D

    A poetic nonsense,
    You present in your defense,
    To make up for the lazy day,
    That you spent whiling away.

  3. @ naren:
    tnx :)

    @ Maverick:
    welcome, ur name appears new
    may i know who are you?

  4. Hi SRK,

    i came across ur blog recently. Ur Crimes of Rhymes r real crimes! but quite funny nonetheless. i delved into ur archives and liked many of ur posts.

    Good work. Keep writing... And, hope u did have a relaxing weekend!


  5. @ Sangeetha:
    tnx, and welcome to the blog...

    and yes, my rhymes are crimes against good literature :)

  6. Anonymous9:30 AM

    Nicely written!

    and I cannot believe that you added a 'PS' about me commenting! :)


  7. Out of the blue,
    I arise fresh and new,
    A dew by the name Anu!

  8. @ Anon SS:
    Well, considering you are my first truly anonymous "fan", I got a bit excited :)

    @ Maverick:
    ah, for a moment, I was afraid you were someone from my office, especially after the
    "To make up for the lazy day,
    That you spent whiling away"
    part of the comment!!!