Apr 9, 2009

Should I tell her?

Should I tell her?

How do you tell her? What do you say?

How will she react?

What if she screams? What if she slaps you? In full public view!

Why would she slap me? If anything, she'll be happy I said it. In fact, she might even ask "What took you so long?"

I dunno. Women are unpredictable. You never know how they react.

Yeah, that they are. Predictably unpredictable.

Beautiful, but unpredictable.

May be I can just reach out and...

Perish the thought!!! She'll definitely slap you. Plus she's wearing heels. Pointed heels.

But still, may be I should go ahead and say it. Damn the consequences!

Think beta think. Kuch bhi bolne se pehle sau baar socho.

Sau baar sochne ka time nahi hai. She'll be long gone by then. It is now or never.

Ok, it's your call. Don't blame me later.

Dammit, I am gonna say it.




"Excuse me ma'am, there's a cockroach on your shoulder..."


  1. Maybe if you say loudly - "Dude that roach has a lady on its ass"

    Then its likely you'll get slapped.

  2. Why bother to intervene in a peaceful coexistence ?!

  3. @ Vivek:
    cud've said tht... but then, roaches are equally unpredictable... wht if it had slapped me?

    @ spidey:
    why indeed? except that after the co-existence is pointed out, it is hardly peaceful :)

  4. In such circumstances, if you resort to scientific names, the 'loafer' quotient gets directly converted into 'geek concern' quotient. Say, in this case,

    "Excuse me ma'am, there's a Periplaneta americana on your shoulder..."

    @Vivek : It uncannily seems like a Chandler Bing quote about palaentologists on human faces :)

  5. LOL!! And vivek's comment is priceless :D

  6. vivek's comment. all hail.

    btw, the slapping thing gave it away a bit. don't kill the suspense so early on, okva

  7. me thinks u should have told her..u never know...ippidi appidi romance could have happened :)

    "anything is possibles over a cockroach" ;)

  8. @ naren:
    and i thank u on Vivek's behalf ;)

    @ hari:
    THAT would have definitely got me a slap

    @ chutney:
    tnx :)

    @ RR:
    u got "cockroach on shoulder" from "will she slap?"
    what r u, engatha christie?

    @ fiona:
    "ippidi appidi romance could have happened"
    my posts may make me sound like one, but I am not THAT despo...

  9. @ Balaji:

    Tnx da... eppidi irruke? long time no news...

  10. hilarious!and loved the previous post too.
    maybe you should become PR manager for FEBAS :))

  11. 'engatha christie'... lol!