Apr 23, 2009


This one is for the crossword buffs. But not cryptic at all. The answers are all easy anagrams, so you don't get prizes for guessing.

1. Which bowler was caught red-handed, beacuse he wears henna?

2. Which flamboyant batsman is suspected to be a closet gay, because he wears an inverse pink tee?

3. There was a threat that this cricketer may be kidnapped, but I guess the thugs were afraid he would be high-handed in ransom.

4. This batsman is fit and fine, but some harsh critics boo "silk head can't run" every time he walks in to bat.

5. Every time this cricketer boards a flight, the security guys use a code: "fat friend has flown". (Hint, one of the words is not to be used).

6. Bowlers were afraid of this guy because his myth went ahead of him. Thankfully, he's retired.

7. Some suspect this guy suffers from Dawns Syndrome. Unfortunately, it never dawns on him.

8. Most believe his shots are just heaved wringers, but the moot point is that he is incredibly effective.

9. When bowlers see him, they get a grisly ache in their heads.

10. This man can be found wearing a red jersey.

I could have made more, but I am too lazy. So, I'll sign off with a final stupid one.

Star question: Which cricket administrator may have a chance to win elections in Chennai because he is a Tamil Idol?


PS: I know you guys are smart, and would have guessed the anagram in the title as well. Just pointing it out, in the outside chance that some of you are engineers, and hence blind to the obvious...

PS2: I thought of highlighting the words to be anagrammed in italics, but I have to give some credit to you guys. Yes, even the engineers.

PS3: This also happens to be my 150th post. Yayy, and all that!


  1. I couldn't answer half!
    I'm an engineer too!
    (A bulb was seen flickering somewhere though)
    Congrats on 150!

  2. mayirum purrile (pardon my french) but yay for the 150th post :)

  3. Indian Premier League

    1. Shane Warne
    2. Kevin Pietersen
    3. Mahendra Singh Dhoni
    4. Sachin Tendulkar
    5. Andrew Flintoff
    6. Matthew Hayden
    7. Andrew Symonds
    8. Virender Sehwag
    9. Chris Gayle
    10. Jesse Ryder

    Lalit Modi to round it off.

    To tell you the truth, this was a nice little time-out from all the coding :)

  4. I suggest we make it a NO-Hari Contest!

  5. @ Vivek:
    "I couldn't answer half!"
    Ok, mebbe they weren't as easy as I imagined they would be...

    @ fiona:
    tnx... ur french rocks too :)

    @ Hari:
    perfect 10... or rather 12!
    I hope at least you'll agree that these weren't too tough...

    @ Vivek again:
    The clues were easy!
    An engineer taking a little break from his coding could solve it...

  6. Oh well, you can always figure out any clue when you know it's a telltale anagram. But yeah they weren't too easy... (Modesty is a middle name my parents didn't give me ;) )

    I also used to maintain this blog dedicated crossword clues when I was back in college, but these days I am short of time to even solve, let alone set crosswords myself.

    Do keep these kind of posts coming! :)

  7. You have way too much time on your hands.


    genius, and 150, congrats!

  8. @ Hari:
    mebbe I could have made it easier by giving the number of letters...
    like inverse pink tee (5, 9)
    but I thought that would kill the fun...

    and setting crosswords is time-consuming... but not anagram clues... especially since we are not strictly following the rule of the anagrams hinting at the answers...

    @ Chutney:
    "You have way too much time on your hands"
    Don't let my boss hear you!

    and, yes, "internet anagram solver" is a genius... it lets you create anagrams instantly!!! :D
    (thankfully, it doesn't let you solve anagrams, especially of the proper noun kind, as easily)

  9. Congrats on 150 posts! And I wouldda never guessed any of the 10 cricketers. Reminds me that I need to follow the sport more closely.

  10. out of sheer curiosity, is your leg injured too?
    and congratulations on 150. dont know how you all do it. :)

  11. @ idling:
    thank you... and if you don't follow cricket much, I dunno whether to recommend IPL or not... for some, IPL is just not cricket...

    @ Anjana:
    no broken legs... thankfully...
    just that this writing helps me retain my childishness, in the midst of all the corporate formality in life... plus I have been at it for almost 3 years now...

  12. 1...5...0...

    engayooo poitinga.

  13. @ RR:
    if the current slowdown continues, reaching 200 wud also be a cakewalk :)

  14. duh !!!

    i know i am in such a low state of intelligence...

    congrats on your 150* :)

    i am mokkafying at abt half your score, but i will get there some day...

  15. @ Anand:
    if I were to give a thank you speech for this 'achievement', yours would be the top name da...

    snif snif