Apr 22, 2009

Just when you thought this blog was getting serious...

This post is inspired by his comment about him liking the previous post. Sacrilege! I don't write posts for his liking! He can continue with his serious and senti posts, this blog stands for juvenile crap! Literally...

And so, here goes...

It suddenly goes dark, and I shout in fear

except that he just doesn't seem to hear

"Dude, turn on the damn frigging light"

I literally scream in extreme fright!!!

"Dammit, I feel something crawling on my rear!"

He says "Not me mate, it's a power cut!"

I get this strange eerie feeling in my gut...

I brush it off, it feels like a (yuckkk!) roach

"soch kya raha hai, jaldi se haath poach"

with some water, you idiot, not on your butt!!!

I turn on the tap, only to find it dry

I am ready to burst out and cry...

I sit there, feeling really really sick

"why oh Murphy, why this dirty trick?"

I have very little bheja left for you to fry...

Then my hands reach out like a rope

And in the darkness, I blindly grope

Wish t'was a lady, goes my perverted mind!!

Ha! but I just f***ing can't seem to find

that bottle of Dettol liquid hand wash soap!

Suddenly everything goes 100-watt bright

And I let out a mighty whoop of delight

And in the midst of all the raucous noise

In my head, squeaks a tiny amused voice

"Serves you right, for going to the loo at midnight!!!"


PS: Ah, THAT feels good! I am not cut out for serious writing.


  1. ROFL!
    Thats gross and scary now.
    Reminds me of an episode of X files!
    (If you've watched you'd know which one)

  2. "actual shit" indeed man!

  3. shitty post :P

    Aaana i feel your pain. current cut-la bathroom pordha oda periya koduma indha olagathla illa.

  4. @ Vivek:
    Gross, I agree, but scary??
    and no, I haven't watched X files... I only watch XXX files ;)

    @ RR:
    Yeah, I have an entire section dedicated to "actual shit"... human, bull, cat, u name it, we have (sh)it...

    @ Chutney:
    indeed... esp when u r used to 24 hr power, like we lucky bby ppl :))

  5. i think this can be safely shelved under 'toilet-paper poetry.' literally. :P

  6. lolllllll!!! somethin "crawling" on your rear! and thank god you clarified in your next line that it wasn't "him"!!! ;) more so if "it" was crawling ;)

  7. @ Anjana:
    A guy shows a boy jumping into shit. And wins Oscars. So, I thought they'll give me a Literature Nobel for writing on shit :)

    @ fiona:
    aiyyo, ur imagination runs too wild!

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