Jan 29, 2009

New layout, new labels, but same old crap

Thanks to my friend, I got all experi-mental about my blog layout. Actually, he was experimenting and became my 'follower', a tag which he will regret soon and withdraw. But while it lasts, it has me feeling like a 'leader'. Heck, maybe I should order him to gatecrash a pub.

Anyways, not too many changes, just added a blogroll, or whatever they call it. Kinda makes it easy to know who has updated their blog. Can't believe I didn't know it was so easy to put that thing in. All this while, I was thinking I had to write some html code to do it. Which, in case you haven't guessed, is something I don't know.

Then, on a whim, decided to add labels to my posts. See the side bar. Don't ask me why, may be I had too much time. Or I decided to gloat a bit.

Actually, doing the labels reminded me that I haven't written bad verse in ages. Though the writing may have gone from bad to worse.

Plus, not much new ideas on what to write on. So, decided to do the 'one stone, two mango' idea, and made a post on the labels of other posts. Clever right?

So here goes... (engineers, label names highlighted in italics, just for you!)

It is only proper to start with ‘Actual Shit’
After all, the topic brings out my best wit
You ask “What’s the big deal about crap?”
Hey, you never had to go with a waterless tap!
Remember, what you eat, ends up in that pit…

Hollywood, Bollywood, Kollywood,
I tried to avoid them as much as I could
But my sadistic friends’ idea of fun
Is to force me to a theatre with a gun
And thus, I come and crib about ‘Follywood’

Sometimes, I’m in the mood to do some rhyme
I know, bad poetry doesn’t pay even a dime
But then, someday, somewhere I stopped
B’coz the very idea of lamericks kinda flopped
Though, I do return to this crime (from time to time)

Violets are blue, roses are red,
You read this and u wish u drop dead!
Sick jokes, gross PJs, inane irritating puns
My imagination can go for some wild runs
You can do nothing but slap your forehead

Then, there comes the spicy ‘Women in my life’
Actually fictional, till my mom finds me a wife
I’m definitely not saying I’m unlucky in romance
It’s just that I never really gave it a serious chance
Though some days, life's like a kitchen without a knife…

Sometime, I feel a long short story I can tell
Sometimes may be ‘Personal’, note, not Personnel
Oh, occasionally, I also attempt to be serious
Go there, only if you are very very curious
Btw, the senti stuff won’t cause your eyes to well.


Of course, there are other labels like 'Personal Favs' and the convenient, lazy 'Misc', but then I ran out of my daily quota of bad rhyme.


  1. you know wot, just for your effort i will stay your follower...

    sniff... i am going to cry...

  2. The poetry is awesome
    Youre definitely a rhymer
    And you're unmarried!
    Good! Two timer?
    It dont matter to me
    I'm immune
    But you can carry on
    "Soon" rhymes with "June"
    And "moon" and "soon"

  3. @ monk:
    thanks da...

    "sniff... i am going to cry..."
    for what? staying my follower?

    @ naren:
    yours sounds more like rap!

  4. for your effort da... i am touched and impressed... this is probably the most techie stuff you have done all your life...

    while the most financial stuff i could ever do is probably spend on my credit card... :(

  5. @ Monk:
    no, this is not the most techie stuff... that honour goes to figuring out how to undo the 'child lock' on our TV, after my younger brother locked a channel by mistake...

    also, i connected a DVD player to a TV all by myself...

    so, u see am not all tht techphobic!

  6. Lamericks?
    Poetry huh?
    Roses are red, Violets are blue,
    If I go on, you'r probably sue!
    See its east. :D
    Why don't you try the three column templates?
    More space.

  7. @ Vivek:
    Writing lamericks is easy...
    changing blog templates is not :(

  8. Some are born to be poets i guess

  9. @ harini:
    tnx for visiting...
    and no, poetry is supposed to be much better than the lamericks here... from a cursory glance at ur blog, am thinking u wud know better :)

  10. puniyar turning kavignar?

    ore kalakkitel!

  11. @ RR:
    tnk u tnk u...