Jan 7, 2009

Made for each other - II

Read Part-I first. Unless you are one of those Memento-fan types who like non-linear narratives. You already know that I can't hold a candle to Christopher Nolan, so don't blame me.


Tony had never experienced something like this. He prided himself on having roughed it out on the streets, and prided himself on his ability to remain calm even when slapped around by the meanest cop.

Tony was rudely shaken out of his reverie by a shrill voice that went, “sirf sau rupaye mein apna bhavishya ko jaano! Apna haath badhao, sab pareshaani bhool jaao!” The palmist was a quite a sight to look at – slightly matted hair, long wavy beard and bright eyes that shone with knowledge.

On any other day, Tony would have dismissed him as yet another quack. After all, hadn’t he tried this stunt himself a couple of years back before moving on the charity fundraising idea? But today was not a normal day. You don’t get two thousand five rupees on a normal day. “What the heck, it’s hundred rupees after all!”, he thought and thrust his palm forward.

“yeh koi sadhaaran vyakti ka haath nahi hai saab! Is haath mein mujhe anek ghun dikh rahe hain... aap aaj raste mein bhi hote toh bhi do saal mein aap amir malik banoge... itna paisa aayega saab ki aap yakeen nahi karoge, us din mera yaad karoge, yeh main nahin aapka haath bata raha hai!” the palmist reeled off. Tony was midly amused, but he thought, maybe the two thousand rupee bonus today was the start towards a journey of a million bucks.

“haan, par ek baat hai saab, aap Mahabharat ke Karna jaisa rahoge... jitna Lakshmiji aapke paas aati rahegi, uthna hi aap doosre oar gareebon ko baatoge!” continued the palmist. Tony could see that the generous lady opposite him, who had maintained (or pretended to maintain) a cool disinterest in the proceedings so far, had slightly lowered her novel.

“aur ek baat batata hoon saab, aap ko bahut jald hi aapki jeevan saathi milne waali hai... ek aisi ladki joh daan dene mein aapse bhi do kadam aage hogi... ek aisi ladki jisko dekhte hi aap pehchaan loge hi yahi hai, haan yahi hai meri Sita devi”, there was no stopping the palmist.

Tony looked up, and was surprised to see the lady staring into his eyes. Her lips seemed to curve into an amused smile, he wasn’t sure whether it was for real or he was just seeing things. Nevertheless, Tony handed over an additional two hundred rupees as tip. The palmist went his way, since no one else seemed to be interested in his glorious predictions.


Somehow, the palmist’s words continued to ring in Tony’s ears. His entire life flashed before him. Orphaned at an early age, he had seen the dark side of the streets. He had had the shit beaten out of him every day by the older punks. Till one day, before he even realized it, he had become one of those punks hitting others.

“But, I will change. I will reform himself, find an honest job. Enough of this loafing around, cheating unsuspecting people of their money for two cheap drinks and a dirty movie at the end of the day. I will go back to Father Francis, who had counseled me patiently after every confession, and ask him for help. I will come up the right way, he will become rich, and yes give away tons of money”, a flurry of thoughts overwhelmed Tony.

“And the guy was right. I will recognize my life partner the moment I see her. I already have. She is sitting opposite me. I will strive to become worthy of her. I will mend my ways, and make her like me,” Tony’s mind was racing years ahead.

The train pulled into the next station. The lady got up, picked up her bag and alighted. Tony hurriedly followed, reminding himself to be discreet. He didn’t want her to know he was following her. “I will just see where she lives, and go back for her after I find an honest living,” he thought to himself.


“Kya baashan diya maamu... banda ek dum pigal gaya... do sau rupaya tip bhi diya,” the ‘lady’ exclaimed to the ‘palmist’.

“haan, aaj toh din accha tha... bas roz ek bakra aisa mil jaaye, toh apun ka toh life ban jaayega sister,” the palmist replied.

“lekin saala, ungli diya toh tu haath pakad baitha... baat baat mein udhar mereko uski Sita devi bana daala? Theek hai, theek hai, ab jaldi mera hissa nikaal!,” the lady hissed.

“arre, adjust karo sister! Apun ka dhanda mein yehi sab karna padhta hai... agar tum woh kitaab neeche karke pyaar se hansti nahi toh ghanta apun ko woh tharki tip deta,” the palmist smiled.

Tony’s heart sank. He had followed her silently, and heard the entire exchange. Dejected, he turned away, disgusted with himself. “To hell with honest living, you either cheat or be cheated,” he thought to himself.

“ek baat poochoon sister? Aapne woh anaath bachche wala nautanki ko kyon paisa diya? Main door se dekh raha tha,” the palmist asked in a curious voice.

“Ae chikne, zyaada shaana mat ban, apna kaam se kaam rakh samjha. Mera paisa hai, main usko gandi naali mein bhi phekoon toh tereko kya matlab?,” the lady howled.

“arre, bura mat mano sister. Nahi bataneka hai toh mat batao!”

The lady paused for a moment, her eyes became moist, before she replied, “nahi re, woh kya hai na, main bhi ek anaath bachchi hoon... saala apun ka naseeb kharaab tha, apun aise line mein aa gayi... kam se kam yeh bachchi log toh acche se padhe, aur apun jaisa raaste pe hi zindagi nahi kaate...”

Tony smiled. He had met his ‘match’, in more ways than one.


(to be discontinued)


PS: Excuse the language. It is my pathetic attempt to capture the flavour of the setting.


  1. You're quite a story teller! Great story!

  2. ah, tenjewbeddymuch!

  3. waiting for the end... illa "to be discontinued" thaan enda ?

  4. @ monk:
    ada paavi... tht's a double blow for me...

    one, tht u din get it tht the story has ended...

    two, u din get the attempted PJ behind 'to be discontinued' instead of the boring 'The End'...

    shit, coming from my original, and for a long time, only reader... i guess i'll stick to one-liner PJs...

  5. The story was guessable once the palmist entered the scene. Can we have the humor/PJs back, pls?

  6. mmm... normally when ppl write such stories over parts, they say "to be concluded" in the penultimate part...

    i thot u knew that...

    i got the PJ, but since it was a wrong pj, i got confused...

  7. @ Noops:
    the PJs will be back but the humour? 130 posts here, and you still expect humour?

    @ Monk:
    dude, if there are only 2 parts, i can't write 'to be concluded' in the first part...
    although to be honest, i din know whether i'll finish it in 2 parts when i wrote the first part :)