Jan 28, 2009

Moral science and immoral PJs

Long, long ago, when I was in school, we had this really nice subject called Moral Science. It was nice not because they taught you 'good' things, though in that era of innocence, I might have believed that. No, it was good because one did not have to really study hard for it. It was usually kept as the last exam, so one could plan for post-exam cricket matches without too much stress.

Anyways, this post is not about me getting nostalgic about my school days. We'll reserve that for another day.

The point is, I remember we had this lesson on Sincerity. It started off with a picture of a statue, and a guy standing beside it, with his hand on the statue's nose, if my photographic memory serves me right.

The lesson went on to state that the word sincere is derived from Latin 'sine' meaning without, and 'cera' meaning wax. The story they fed us was that certain sculptors who bunked their moral science class in school tried to hide the imperfections of the marble statues they created by using wax to cover it up. And thus, any statue 'without wax' meant that the sculptor was honest.

Any of you from Tamil Nadu Matriculation Board, who remembers this story, give yourself a pat for sincerely attending your Moral Science classes.

Alas, wikipedia informs me that my Moral Science teacher wasn't all that moralistic, and this entire story might be nothing more than a folk tale.

However, that would not prevent me from making a PJ out of the whole situation...

So, here goes...

"When a woman says she is sincere, does it mean she has hairy legs?"


PS1: Yes, you can call me an MCP. Though the pigs might object being compared to a punny me.

PS2: This post satisfies two important criteria for me. It is totally mindless. And it is GROSS!

PS3: On a totally different note, be thankful that Asin's parents didn't know Latin. Else they might have named her sine-sin. Though Asin, by another name, would look as sweet. Drool.


  1. LOL! In the case of a guy, I suppose it means he can hear very well.

  2. what a round about way to "kaal-a vaarify" someone...

  3. @ naren:
    ha ha... but we are MCPs, we won't comment on men :)

    @ Monk:
    yeah, literally vaaru-fy in this case :)
    whatay pun da!

  4. No wonder my mom told me to keep my ears very sincere!
    Of course it doesn;t apply here to MCPs coz then it would be called pig latin!

  5. @ Vivek:
    pig latin eh?
    is that supposed to be punny in tamil?

  6. LOL Tats a good one up!