Jun 25, 2008

The Great Daruwala, again!

Inspired by this... Thanx Amit Varma for the link...

I came to know you want another cow,
I offer to help you figure out how,
I also know that you are in a great fix
As you search for the Wimbledon no. 6!
From Bejan 'Daru'wala, With Love…

During the Roland Garros Slam
when Rafa went Wham Bam Bam
I supported you, and even made a large punt
Against the Man Who can Snort and Grunt
But your pathetic showing made me go “Oh Damn!”

I’ll tell u something new, “Approach the Net!”
Don’t let Rafa win a single damn set!!!
Go back to your strength, serve and volley...
btw, do keep in hand a really large brolly,
Bcoz if it is Wimbledon, you’re bound to get wet!

The key to your game is Mercury and Sun
It does also help if you can make Rafa run,
Get some women to jump out of their seats and go wild
and scream out their lungs, “Rafa, will you father my child?”
Rafa will lose focus, and you’ll remain world number one…

PS: For those who missed it earlier, Bejan had advised Sachin too...

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