Jun 29, 2008

Numerically speaking...

How much did the baby weigh?
It’s already nine months, and he hasn’t started crawling yet?
He is three years old, have you put him in school yet?
Beta, How many marks did you get?
What is your rank? Oh, you lost the first rank by 2 marks?
How did you lose the centum in Maths? So what if it is by only one mark, a centum is a perfect score. Anything less is imperfect.
How fast did you run the 100 metre race? What?? You came last?
What is your height? At your age, it should be more.
How much did you score in X std?
How much is the cut off for admission in that college/course?
What is your CAT percentile?
How many calls did you get? How many did you convert?
What is your CGPA?
How many job offers did you get?
What is the package? What is the take-home? What is the variable pay?
How much is your increment? What was the bonus?
What is your weight? Waist size? It is too much for your age!
How much rent do you pay? What is the area of your house?
How many girlfriends do you have?
When are you getting married?
How many kids do you plan to have?
What is the price of your home? How many sq. ft?
How many homes do you own?
What did you pay for that car?
When do you plan to retire?
How much money would you want before retiring?
How much is your mediclaim cover?
How much is your pension plan?
Oh, he is dead! What is his life insurance worth? How much did he leave behind for his kids?

For a guy who makes a living crunching numbers, I am sometimes fed up of people measuring everything numerically...

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