Apr 13, 2010


Today, we shall learn Economics
Through the medium of limericks!!!
You see, I just read Dubner and Levitt
And that’s when this silly, crazy idea hit
And I came up with this deadly mix...

So, let us get started with Rule no. 1
It’s easy, it goes “In the really long run...
... everyone, the whole lot of us, are dead!”
Now, was Keynes really serious as they said,
Or was he just cracking a marathon pun?

From Keynes, we move to Rule no. 2
It simply asks “What would you really do
if I were to offer you endless cups of hot tea?”
You’ll experience Diminishing Marginal Utility
And oh, sometimes rush to the nearest loo!

And then we have Rule no. three
“In this world, those lunches ain’t free”
For a Wage, Labourers work really hard
And the Entrepreneur gets Profit as reward
i.e. monkey want fruit, monkey climb tree!

Some say Eco is such a big bore
And they never learn up to Rule no. 4
But when you hear the term Budget Deficit
Don’t just scream, “OMG, we’re in deep shit!”
It’s just “Govt’s earning less, spending more...”

And now you are ready for Rule no. 5
Do you know how industries thrive?
They do so in the hope of a rise in price
While the Govt pretends to hear your cries
The music goes on and businesses jive!

And finally, we end with Rule no. 6
When someone tells you they do exotics
And talks of contracts for call and put option
You tell them straight what I really think, son
“Eggs ain’t hatched, and they count chicks!”
PS1: Whenever I have a bad day, or rather like now, a couple of bad days, I come up with silly rhyme. Cheers me up :)
PS2: At the rate at which Murphy is haunting me, I might be writing limericks all year long!


  1. oh, but you should rhyme all the time.

    PS: I never got around to studying econ

  2. @ RR:
    "oh, but you should rhyme all the time"

    The way things are going at present, sure looks like it...

    and Economics can be fun... if taught right...

  3. good ones. :) I loved it. Look up the accountancy song too.

  4. @ Winter:
    Dei, you mean the Monty Python one?
    I liked their "All things dull and ugly" song better :)

  5. Econ rocks. sometimes. :)

  6. @ Anjana:
    Rhymes on Econ rock too. Right? Right?

  7. The rhymes are like a complete wrap up of teachings in SIES. Feels good to look back at our college lessons with your twists