Mar 13, 2010

The Double!!!

About 3 weeks back, a guy, short by nature, but tall by stature, achieved a significant milestone. He had achieved a lot in his career, and this was one more feather in his already rather fluffy cap.

Pic Credit: Economic Times.

Now, another guy, short by nature, and er, by stature too, gets on top of a significant milestone.

 Pic Credit: Shilpi

As you can see, this guy is also very happy to have conquered this milestone.

And he celebrates in his own way, since he has no bat in hand, and he couldn't wave around a laptop.

Pic Credit: It's complicated. I had the pic on my laptop, but does the rights of the pic belong the person who brought the camera in the trip, the person who clicked the pic or the guy who is featured in the pic?

As usual, when such a milestone is achieved, lots of eminent people comment on the achievement...

"It is not very easy to consistently come up with such bad writing. It is very easy to improve, based on past experience, feedback and constant practice. But to maintain the same low quality, or better, get worse than when you started out, believe me, that takes some serious talent."
- said a prominent author, whose stated intent is to be India's 'best loved' one. Though some jealous people hate him, and pass sarcastic comments on twitter, only to get blocked. Heh, serves you right, you uncool people!

"He writes about shit! I makes movies where people jump into them! Believe me, you can handle anything, but handling shit, that is something. And doing it more than once, God, that is awesome."
- said a prominent film-maker, who made a film on slum kids, and catapulted a very-average looking lady into Hollywood super-league. I always wonder whether this guy invented that law about pressure and volume of gas. His movies are full of it.

"You know the thing that I like about his writing is that he is not clichéd. It is crisp as a Tendulkar cover drive, that races to the boundary like a tracer bullet. Plus, he doesn't state the obvious. That's what I tell all upcoming commentators, avoid clichés and don't state the obvious. I think it applies to writers too"
 - a commentator who I thought looked and sounded smart when he started but now you know...

"The best thing about him is he is so versatile. He can write about shit, he can write bad rhyme, he can write senti stories that actually make you laugh, he can write serious things that people get too bored of, he makes up those unbelievably bad puns and PJs. Let me tell you, from my experience as an actor, it is not so easy to be versatile. To play different characters like an Indian emperor, a college student, a hockey coach, and not look and sound the same, it takes real talent to be versatile."
- A famous actor who somehow manages to praise himself while he praises others, and who I share my initials with. And oh, he has no ego. I do.

"And he has been at it for so long. People who started after him have already hung up their boots and play sparingly at select T20 tournaments. But he is dedicated to his craft. I can tell from experience, that being a flash-in-the-pan is no big deal, but excelling at your craft long after people have written you off, that is something special"
- said a long standing actor from Bollywood, head leaning to one side, whose name I'll only translate as Lord Happy.

"It's not what you can write that matters, it's what you can right that matters, ah. Don't talk, kanna, act."
 - a famous superstar from Tamil Nadu, whom I still hero-worship like mad.

"Bastard, when will you ever write something that you can read five years from now?"
 - a friend, who does manage to write something touching which I hope to still make fun of five years from now.

" :) "
 - another friend, who as you may realize, doesn't speak much. Except to his wife.

So, I thank all my parents, my family, all my English teachers, all my friends, the pets I never had, for encouraging me to achieve this milestone. I assure you I'll not rest on my laurels (because I'm too hardy? getit?) and will keep marching towards newer milestones.


PS1: In case you are wondering what the fuss is all about, it's because it is my 200th post! Yayy and all that :D

PS2: Ordinary people scale peaks and go past milestones. Being ever the contrarian, I scale milestones and go past peaks. Climbing them peaks is too much effort. Especially when you have to walk.


  1. nice pictures mr.SRK :)

  2. Damn! I looked at the title n the mention of milestones n all that n thought you were getting married....fiiiinally. Cha!

  3. @ Anjana R:
    I write such a long post, and you compliment the one thing I did not actually do...

    anyways, your compliments shall be passed on to those who clicked the photo because the subject in those pics is definitely not a photogenic one...

    @ Chutki:
    Heh, I thought this name sounded familiar and had to click your link to remind myself of who it is! It's been THAT long!

    And all you could do is come and add to the "aren't you getting married" pressure? Grrrrr!

  4. Anonymous5:34 PM

    You're wearing a fanny pack! Is it the nineties again?


  5. @ RR:
    I write a celebratory post about my 200th (TWO HUNDREDTH!) post and you guys can see are pics and fanny packs??

    anyways, to answer the question, in my case, convenience trumps fashion every time... and I find wrapping my wallet, watch, mobile in a plastic cover and stuffing them in that thingy much more easier than hunting around for some fancy water proof things-holder... the old tambrahm tight fistedness never fails!

  6. Anonymous12:19 AM

    Congrats SRT..err SRK..!! ;)

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  8. Congratulations on your 200th post! I just read it :-)

  9. @ Anon:
    Tnx... on behalf of SRT too :P

    @ Juggler:
    I guess I am too late, but I was at home without net access for 10 days... but yeah, you can ask your friend to mail me...

    And tnx :)

  10. Anonymous5:37 AM

    SRT is helping MI win in IPL, apart from scoring heavily down the leg side post scoring 200*.
    May I know what is SRK up to? ;)