Apr 24, 2010

Accountancy in Rhyme!

Remember that time you seemed like a half-wit
when you scratched your head, and had a look
at your last month's savings account pass-book
You said "wtf is with this debit and this credit,
I had an accountancy book & I wish I had read it"

It is at such moments of confusion and fear
that you sigh in relief, "ah, SRK is here"
He'll teach me "the 3 rules, written in gold,
probably by a guy who is now very very old"
And all I have to give him, is a pitcher of beer!

I say, "now then, you have surely watched p0rn?"
while munching away at salted, buttered, pop-corn...
But, if you ain't familiar with the "system of double entry"
get some nice videos from the famed 'free speech' country
yes, the same place in which Bruce Springsteen was born

So, we come to the first golden rule of accounting
which, like LKG children, we'll now chant and sing
"debit what comes in, credit what goes out"
yes, it's that simple, that's what it's all about
don't you agree that it's a really really easy thing?

so, can we now move to rule number two
this one's personal, it asks about the 'who'
It goes "debit the receiver & credit the giver"
It don't matter whether it's a kidney or a liver
ignore what is given, look at who it's given to...

we learn rule number three in just a second
it's about what you earn and what you spend
It says: "debit all expenses, credit all gains"
now, put these 3 rules firmly into your brains
and let's grab that beer and announce: "The End."

PS1: More hectic days. More crappy rhyme.

PS2: I really need to get out of this rhyme rut and write something funny. All my puns have deserted me :(


  1. Your puns are finding their way on twitter :)

  2. "debit what comes in, credit what goes out"
    @SRK uncle..if the above statement is true...and
    It goes "debit the receiver & credit the giver"
    If the above statement is also true...then is'nt it a contradiction pertaining to nice videos from the famed 'free speech' country..???
    If i "give" something (and god-forbid i do not want it back inside of me thru any bodily means..!) is it still credit..?? oh please please educate me on this..!!! :D

  3. @ shilpi:
    and even there, very occasionally :(

    @ SS and DS:
    ah, the very concept of double entry is that it is complementary... for every debit, there is an equivalent credit...

    so, if you are giving scumthing, you will debit the one who is receiving it, and credit whatever is going out...

    since you are the person doing the accounting, you don't have to debit or credit yourself... although, outside of accounting, you can still credit yourself for giving it... or getting some... whichever way you look at it!

  4. @SRK uncle...
    oh...ua re da man..!! ha ha ha!!! scumthing..!! ha ha ha!!!