Apr 29, 2010

Love. At what price?

“Maybe I should just break up with her”

“WTF are you saying? After all these years, how can you even think of...”

“I know. I know. It is difficult, almost blasphemous. And it pains me to even think of it.”


“Given a choice, I’ll like to be with her all my life. Till death do us part and all that. But the fact is, she is acting too pricey

“What do you mean, pricey?”

“I don’t know, man. When we started out, I never felt the pinch. Even though I came from a small town and thought she would be too posh and high society for me, I never felt it. Or rather, she never made me feel that way. Frankly, I was surprised at how easily she accepted me.”

“Yeah, she has this tendency to make people comfortable pretty quickly”

“Besides, I was surprised at how quickly I accepted her. I forgot my old crush within a matter of months!”

“Yeah, I know about M. Pretty, but a bit laid back. I personally felt she was not your type. You were a bit too ambitious for her.”

“Yeah, but I still think some of my best days were spent in her lap. But then, we all grow out of our first love, don’t we?”

“Well, some don’t. And some are lucky to find everlasting love at the first attempt”

“Hmm, I thought I could find that with this one, after the failed first attempt. But, 12 years on, and I find myself in a quandary. I still love her, but I can’t afford to keep up with her demands.”

“What do you mean? Keep up with her demands? What the hell happenned?”

“Well, what can I say? As I was saying, in the good old days, I never felt that she was this demanding. I might have struggled a bit, but every bit of the way, I felt she was a part of my struggle. She was an inspiration, one who helped me forget my worries and helped me focus on to where I was headed.”

“And then?”

“And this is the strange part. When I was struggling and poor, I felt she was beside me, encouraging me, providing me all I wanted without demand. And now, I am much better off, and starting to dream of a lovely future with her, and she has to go and get all posh and pricey?”

“Has she given up all her goodness and changed for the worse all of a sudden? Has she really become posh and elitist? Or have you?”

PS1: “She” refers to Bombay. The city I grew to love, in spite of initially thinking I never would.

PS2: Inspired by the ever spiraling real estate prices. 80+ lakhs for an under construction 2BHK in goddamn Kanjurmarg?!? Who are we kidding?

PS3: I have said this before and I say this again. You may object to the objectification of women. But please don’t object to my womenification of objects. Or places.


  1. Nooooooooooooooooooooo. Bombay can't do without you :-)

  2. heh. I saw that coming. Btw, all cities are like that, no?

  3. Good one ! I almost thought you were talking about a motorbike....

  4. @ Kavitha:
    On the other hand, Bombay would be happy to be rid of me... at the rate at which it is getting crowded, every person who leaves is a blessing :)

    @ RR:
    One day, someday, I am going to write about a real woman. And that is the day I am going to fool all you "I saw that coming" geniuses!

    As to "all cities are like that, no?", well, I have a vague idea of doing a post on different cities and what I feel about them... so, for now, the answer is "No"

    @ Harini:
    Thanks :)
    Strangely for a guy, a motorbike has not been among my passions... but referring to a motorbike as 'she' would make Pulsar advertisers see red!

    @ Harini

  5. Anonymous1:11 AM

    Hey..are you leaving your mid-market medium sized project financing firm? ;)

  6. @ Anon:
    No. Not in the near future. I'll watch it grow into a more than medium-sized firm :)

    Now, I wonder who you might be...