Feb 16, 2009

Vadakai aiyaayiram!

This is a Tam-specific post. Apologies to non-Tam people.

Actually, considering the content of the post, apologies to the Tam guys. Atleast, the others escaped the nonsense.

Anyways, considering that I am in a lyrical mood nowadays (the last 2 posts have been rhymes), I decided to extend my repertoire to include filmi songs as well... and since the last time I wrote a song was in Hindi, I decided that I should honour my mother tongue for once...

Anyways, without wasting any more time of yours, here I present:
*slow build up of rhythmic drumming*

Am sure you guys can guess the tune and the song...

Veetukkul paeithidum maamazhai
Neerukkul mulkidum yen arai
Satrendru peruthu veetu koorai
Sevurae un mel kuzhai… hoohoo

Jennallil veesidum peralai
Vasallil odidum sakadai
Veetukaran kekuran vadagai
Avanukku rendu othai...

Mumbaiyil veedu endraal, vilai yeri poghatho?
Naan sellum vazhiyellam, panni kutti vaaratho?
Ennodu vaa, veedu varaikkum
En veetai paar, mandai vedikkum!

Thank You, Thank You!!!

I know I am no Surya with a guitar, but then, in my defence, there was no Sameera Reddy in front of me as well!!!


  1. aiyyyo kadavale !!!

  2. OMG!
    (Banging head on wall)
    Paavum rombha paavum
    How did you even come up with this?

  3. @ monk:
    ah, so finally I could come up with the perfect 'slap ur forehead' post!

    @ vivek:
    "How did you even come up with this?"

    never killed a popular song in school??
    as for why this particular song, well, no reason... i kinda liked it when i first heard it, and also when it occured in the movie... so, decided to tamper with it!

  4. yen? sameera vaadagai ketrintha kuduthirpingalo?

  5. @ RR:
    sameera enna ketrunthaalum kuduthurpen!

    of kors, pun intended...

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  7. One of my favourite blogs of yours:
    Here's a little addition to it.I, too seek apologies to all those who understand this.....

    An addition to before and after the
    third stanza.

    Before the third stanza:

    Yetho oru dhurnaartram veesa
    Mookkil naanum kaiyai vaika
    kallathanam yethum illa
    buildingkku keela odum suthamana saakkadai than idhu

    After the third stanza:

    ithu enna enna theriyalae
    kodumai endraal idhu thaano.