Oct 26, 2007

For no rhyme or reason - II

Seems like the rhyme bug has hit me... here, i try my hand at listing down some blogs that i read (pls do remember that the bad rhyme does not reflect on the quality of the blogs listed!)

Silence! Cease all noise
here comes ‘The Voice’
we call him Khamosh
supports saffron with full josh
yet does it with a lot of poise.

And then, there’s dear Stam
By nature, he abhors anything glam
But here’s the big exclusive news flash
Guy has a thousand plus pics of Ash
Oops, he’s comin to do on me a ground-slam!

Master of all trades, not just a Jack
Can make ppl laugh, has that knack
Never have I heard a better mimic
No, this is not some marketing gimmick
Do check out dear old Issac!

Meet the factory planner called Yuppie,
As he documents the love story of a leppie
At SP, whenever we felt too damn bored
We used to solve the hindu crossword
I particularly like the post abt his mom’s jaadu ki jhappi.

Ocassionally, I do check the almost defunct pgothi
She’s busy selling Maggi in the land of dhoti
I call her a 'minor with an unsound mind'
But frankly, so much talent u’ll seldom find
She sez “itna saara kaam, blog ke liye time nahi hoti”.

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