Oct 24, 2007

For no rhyme or reason

Hi, my name is YessAarKay
Though ppl call me kiruke-kiruke
While everybody sees models in pixel
I am forced to see them in MS Excel
Waise, this is a lame attempt to write zara hatke…

there is this guy karthick
my friend thru times thin and thick
jus that when i hear him sing
it feels more like a bee sting
although ppl say he is fantastic!

i hv a friend called nandu
projects himself as a maha mandu
started calling himself ‘the monk’
jus learnt his laptop went conk
still, he writes really fundoo

meet my friend, the gr8 hirok
to him, all gals flock.
but u know his greatest wish
is to find a wife to cook hilsa fish
alas! genuine bong babes are outta stock!

thr is this friend called noops
lands herself in all kindsa soups
her recipe for a fruit salad
reads like a badly written ballad
And am glad to be in her friends' groups

And finally…
hello ppl, meet my boss
makes all my plans go for a toss
makes me work without a pause
thus giving me cause
to say expletives most gross!

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