Aug 4, 2009

SRK's Laws Part II

You know the feeling when you are poring over legal documents, trying to understand the hitherto and thereunder, and you say to yourself, "I wish I could make a law. I would ban the damn lawyers". You don't? Well, you don't do loan documentation. Lucky you!

And then it struck me, I can make laws. I made them sometime back, and they weren't too bad.

So, here we present (applause!!!) SRK's Laws part-II:

SRK’s First Law of Movie watching: Watching a good movie is fun. Discussing it is not.

SRK’s Second Law of Movie watching: Watching a crappy movie is boring. Dissing and cussing it is not.



SRK’s First Law of Impressing the Boss: When you have too much work and no time to even list it down, the boss will have too much work and no time to listen to your list.

SRK’s Second Law of Depressing the Boss: When you have no work and all the time to list down nothing, the boss will have too much time and no work but to ask for your list.



SRK’s First Law of Ageing: When everyone around you is talking of how old you are becoming, you pretend to hear them and keep quiet.

SRK’s Second Law of Ageing: When everyone around you is talking and you pretend to hear them and keep quiet, you are becoming old.



SRK’s First Law of Life Cycle Planning: When everybody and his uncle ask you to find a girl and get married, it is too early.

SRK’s First Law of Life Cycle Planning: When everybody and his married girl ask for an uncle and find you, it is too late.



SRK’s First Law of Getting Unlucky: After years of searching, when you start to like a girl, she’ll turn out to be a staunch believer in arranged marriage.

SRK’s Second First Law of Getting Lucky: After years of searching, when a girl starts to like you, she’ll turn out to be a desperate believer in arranged marriage.



SRK’s First Law of Blogging: Most people blog because they have something to say. But some sadly end up saying nothing.

SRK’s Second Law of Blogging: I blog because I have nothing to say. And I happily end up exactly as planned.


PS: To those of you who are thinking of making a law to ban blog posts like these, keep dreaming...


  1. DUDE!
    I highly recommend you write a book.
    Balls to the Hitchhiker's guide.

  2. LOL! Please also formulate some SRK's laws of SRK de phillums

  3. Laws of impressing and depressing the boss.. tooo goood.. and very true.. :(

  4. Too good, nd too true :)

  5. niice!
    (what a refreshing change from the previous cryptic comments!)

  6. @ Idling:
    thank you :)

    @ Vivek:
    thank you :)
    and am yet to read the Hitchhiker's guide :(

    @ Naren:
    ah, that shud be fun... but I'd have to watch his movies for that...
    considering you get coerced into watching brilliant movies like Rab Ne, I think you should go for it ;)

    @ Chiju:
    I know :(

    @ sayrem:
    I know :)

    @ Anjana:
    niice comment... one I can understand :)

  7. haha...loved the 1st law of getting unlucky :P

  8. Anonymous12:28 PM

    I loved the luck laws! :)


  9. Dude, here's one that came to me as I was sitting on a barber's chair yesterday.

    First law of haircuts: Hair looks worst the day before the haircut.

    Second law of haircuts: Hair looks best 1 min before the barber starts cutting.

  10. Third law of haircuts
    Thought travels slower than barber's scissors.

    First Law of Skeleto-Muscular Pain
    The amount of pain is directly proportional to the amount of work you still have to get done.

    Second Law of Skeleto-Muscular Pain
    Swelling? You ain't seen nothin' yet.

  11. @ shilpi:
    Now I know why you were perfect as the "devil" in the farewell skit... evil comes naturally to you :P

    @ Anon SS:
    well, the luck laws were intended to be tragi senti... but as is always the case, every time I try senti, it turns out funny...

    @ Idling:
    my friend used to say that the hair will look perfect one minute before the barber does his final snip... and then you wait for a whole month or more to undo it...

    @ Anjana:
    viz the law of haircuts: and that's why women end up paying a mega bucks or more for them?
    as for the skelto-muscular pain: I dont want to see nothing yet :)

  12. Anonymous7:10 PM

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