Aug 30, 2009

An old crush comes visiting...

An old crush came visiting this weekend. Bringing with her memories unpleasant. With a tiny bit of nostalgia.

I hadn't met her for about 4 years now. Or was it 5? It seems so long ago, that I don't even remember.

What I do remember is how she used to make me feel. One word. Breathless.

She visited only occasionally. But when she did come, everything else was secondary. Food, studies, games, even sleep. I'd lie back, she'd be close to my chest, but there would be no sleep. Together, we'd dream, sometimes wonderful dreams, but mostly nasty nightmares.

She used to decide what I could eat. What I could drink. What kind of clothes I could wear. What places I could visit.

In effect, she used to rule my life. And frankly, I was beginning to feel a bit suffocated in the relationship.

And I slowly broke away from her. It took some dedicated effort, in fact 3 years of it. But I did not want to do anything fishy, just for a quick break-up.

And even when we were through, done and dusted, I was aware that we may move on, but we'll never be able to forget each other. And that she may come back anytime she pleases.

But she didn't return for 4 years. Or was it 5?

And I had almost forgotten about her. Even discarded the sucker gifts she had given me during her visits.

Till this Thursday, when I went Cough Cough. Acchhoooo. Sniff.

All's well, in spite of all the swine flu fear, all we have to do is visit the doc and pop some pills. Relax, relax, take a deep breath...



Welcome back, Ms. Asthma.

I have always had a thing for names beginning with A. Asin, Amrita (Rao, not Arora), Aish, Alyssa and of course, you.

PS1 : Fellow sufferers if any, please don't list down your inhaler horror stories, or miracle cures for now... I am kinda depressed as it is, so let's keep it for when I'm back in my happy mood.

PS2: In spite of the cold, cough, fever, and the associated "did you test for the swine flu" kinda depressing questions, one can't help but come up with a sicko PJ:
Q. What do they call swine flu in Tamil?
A. Panni Pani.
(non-Tams, please note the second word is not pronounced like the hindi word for water!)


  1. Read the first two lines and I knew there had to be a twist, and it wasn't a girl that you were writing about.

    PS: More like Panni Punny.

  2. And meant to add, the post was very creative as always!

  3. Anjana R9:56 AM

    eksi !!

  4. Ouch! Get well soon, man!

  5. You are getting predictable in your captions. Even I could guess this !

  6. I read this "She used to decide what I could eat. What I could drink. What kind of clothes I could wear. What places I could visit."

    ...and went "Oh no! This better not be a girl." :-)

    Good one! Get well soon.

  7. Been there my friend...stay tough!

  8. The only good thing abt ur girl-friend visiting again, is this post of urs.

    Get well soon!

  9. Its more commonly known as pandri kaichal! :)
    Get well soon! :)

  10. @ Idling:
    well, there are 14 posts tagged 'Women in my life'... and I don't think even one is about an actual real-life girl that I know... I don't kiss and tell :)

    this section is for those people who always keep harping on the ills of 'objectification' of women... so, we started 'womenification' of objects... and the objects don't object ;)

    @ Anjana:
    yeah the new cult dialogue... enna kodumai SRK idhu!!! :D

    @ Naren:
    tnx... and am up and running already :D

    @ spidey:
    you could guess it was not a girl or that it was abt asthma?
    of course, the italic-wala hints were not for you! you know me too well to gauge that there are no women in my life!

    @ Juggler:
    believe it or not, I have met such girls! And the guys following them like silent lambs!

    btw, you'll also soon learn that posts tagged 'Women in my life' rarely (never) actually talk about women!

    @ Liberal:
    Tnx for the support man!

    @ Sangeetha:
    tnx :)
    the other good thing about it was I got 2 days off

    @ Chiju:
    pandri kaichal is not punny... plus, kaichal is fever... flu shud be pani! :)

  11. Anonymous12:13 PM

    Aiyoo..get well soon! I know its not very pretty!

    I think the inhaler and re-run of Vivaah (for AA) should make you feel better!

    Get well soon!


  12. achacho. paavam. get well soon. and other non depressing matter.

  13. @ Anon SS:
    no inhaler this time :)
    and not even AA... boring pills did the job :)

    @ RR:
    yeah, paavum thaan... i need all the sympathy i can get :)

  14. Kamal7:38 AM

    he is not paavam.. he is a mahaa paavam .. hehehe

    get well soon bro... must b a passing visit... by ur old friend

  15. Hi SRK,
    enjoyed reading ur blog.. chanced upon it from Chutney case.. bookmarked it.. will keep visiting..

  16. Hope ur feeling better now...and you havent forgotten my mixup with Rao and Arora, have you ?

  17. @ Kamal:
    u sure u meant mahaa paavum? i have a feeling you intended to say mahaa paavi!

    anyways, tnx for the get well msg :)

    @ Venkat M:
    welcome... and hope you enjoy the visits :)

    @ Satish B:
    much better... and yeah, unpardonable mix up, in my books :)

  18. Hope ur better now
    Tc dude