Mar 12, 2009

When in doubt, rhyme!

I have been really busy for some time, writing crappy stuff in official documents for a change. Workplace became aapu-ees. Hardly any time to come and post here. Things were good in the blog world. Some of my friends were heaving a sigh of relief. Unfortunately, I'm back. Bang!


Long time since I updated the blog,
Been working hard like a dumb dog,
Boss said “Time to pull up your sock,
and start working round the clock”
You need to run fast, not just jog!

Got no time for a bit of innocent fun
couldn't even come up with a stupid pun!
Some big company needs a bit of cash,
even if their project is a load of trash;
Still I slog my ass to get the deal done...

Heck, I hardly even check my GMail,
and when I do, I just rant and wail;
To my dear friends I always write,
cribbing about my oh-so-sorry plight...
Somebody, please get me outta this jail!!!

Damn, some days, life’s truly a bitch,
Every step I take, there’s some hitch!
The boss goes one up on Murphy’s Law,
If things can’t go wrong, he invents a flaw...
Teach me some voodoo, find me a witch!!!

I just hope it all turns out fine,
Somehow, things just fall in line
So that I can sit back and just chill
with a lot of time on my hands to kill,
and empty another bottle of port wine.


  1. "If things can’t go wrong, he invents a flaw"
    i intend to use this multiple times in conversation with various people over the next few months....

    punaiyar being punished eh?

  2. yeah, bosses can be like that :(

    and the punishment is still worth it, bcoz it brings in the dough...

  3. @ naren:
    tnk u tnk u