Mar 13, 2009

Karnataka demands share in Indus water

Our Ordinary Correspondent

Dozens of people in Bangalore have started rioting on the streets demanding a share in the waters of Indus river. Early reports indicate that two buses have been burnt and several injured.

"We demand our rightful share in the Indus water. After all, once upon a time, the place was called Harappa. Which clearly shows that it belonged to Kannadigas", thundered CM Yeddyurappa.

"We'll not rest until we get justice. This is a matter of Kannadiga pride. First, our neighbours steal all our Cauvery water. Now, those Indus valley guys are also stealing our water", exclaimed Bangarappa, founder of Karnataka Vikas Party.

"Wow, why didn't I think of that?", wondered famous cartoonist Ponnappa, hurrying off to draw something funny about the issue.

"The BCCI has asked us not to speak to the media. So no comments," said Robin Uthappa, deftly avoiding the topic. Pity he doesn't show the same deftness when it comes to Brett Lee's bouncers.

""Why is no one asking for my views? Everyone goes after these two-bit cricketers, while hockey players are always ignored", sobbed Len Aiyappa.

"Yo guys, before we play your next song request, lemme make a special announcement. We. Want. Indus.", said chirpy MTV VJ Nikhil Chinnappa, before proceeding to play the song 'dumb dumb diga diga, main hoon kannadiga'.

"What next? These guys will claim me as a Kannada actor?", wondered Sarath Kumar, popularly known as Chittappa after he married Radhika (of the mega serial fame).


  1. Ennappa ippudi ellam ezhudade appa.

  2. Onga appa padicha enna solluvarappa?

  3. he he... random visitor...jus started going through your posts...

    u came up with sarath=chittappa on ur own? if so, brilliant!

  4. @ venky uncle:
    there are still some advantages of having parents who aren't internet savvy ;)

    @ naren:
    i thot u wud find this objectionable given ur connections with coorg!

    @ mani:
    welcome and tnk u...
    and the sarath = chittappa thing was a common joke in our circles after the torture serial... so can't claim credit for tht...

  5. adengappa... eppidi da, karnataka-va patthi ivalo therinju vechu irukke... un arivai yaam mechinom...

  6. Me a first timer here. Awesome post! :)

  7. good one mate , loved it ,very original

  8. @ anand:
    1 bored afti in office + random news report on yedyurappa + wiki list of kodavas = one half baked silly post...

    no arivu involved... more aruvai mebbe

    @ hari:
    welcome and tnx a lot...

    @ nomad:
    tnx.. is this the croc? or am i mistaking u for someone else who used to hv a blogname nomad...

  9. AWE-SOME!!!
    ROFL Stuff!

  10. Its like anything that has a Regex - *appa

  11. @ Vivek:
    see this is the problem i hv with engineers...

    regex is NOT a regex outside the coding world... i had to google to know what it means!

    other than that, tnk u!