Dec 8, 2008

And the punishment continues...

After the last post on bad puns (which unfortunately for you, was not a pun on the word last), I continue to impose my bad puns on my rapidly depleting readership...

While we made fun of last names last time (again, no pun on last!), we decide that even first names can be made pun of...

So, here goes...

Is that Guy Ritchie the same one who divorced Madonna?

"Let's Mark Waugh for some special treatment", said Allan Donald to his captain before unleashing his bouncers!

God is certainly a skilled artist. After all, he Drew Barrymore so beautifully... (droooool)

Of course, the guy who entered a moment ago was Justin Timberlake.

And now, for the usual below-the-belt dirty ones...

What did Linda Tripp tell Monica Lewinsky? "Let's Bill Clinton for the services performed"

Is that Dick Fuld? (after Lehman went bust!)

PS1: of course, I could go on and on about Rob/Mike/Rose etc, but I'm not that much of a sadist. Not yet.
PS2: If you are a believer, please pray that better sense prevails and I go back to writing about bullshit, or even stupid rhymes...


  1. Another one i heard recently:
    What if Goldman Sachs and Citi merges?
    Would be called Sachs and the Citi


  2. @ Vinay:
    Sachs and the Citi is soo like a Pun-jabi pronuniation... almost like saying "I'm a vaagitarian"

    btw, I know 3 ppl with the name Vinay... which one is this? :)

    @ laxv:
    and the "laxv" doesn't strike a chord either...
    please write full name so that I know who is saying what :)

    @ RukmaniRam:
    I don't know the way to pun-ish... what place is that?

  3. i expected better from you. that reply was too newbie-ish.

    btw, blogrolled you.

  4. @ RR:
    "i expected better from you"

    re-read SRK's Law of False Expectations a few posts back :)

    and i dunno how to add those blog links to the sidebar, else i'd hv added urs long back... will try to learn it from some friend... for now, blogging to me is writing crap and hitting "publish" button...
    tnx all the same...

  5. Lol..thoughts appadiyae vazhinju odardhu!

  6. @ Arun Sundar:
    just bcoz u r named A'run' Sundar, doesnt mean u comment about "thoughts odaradhu" :)

  7. ROFL Man!
    Enjoyed this one!