Dec 3, 2008

Enough of cynicism, let us have some pun!!!

Am tired of TOI's usual 'Sach a pity' when Tendulkar gets injured...

and they always did the 'Wright choice' headline when John Wright was coach and India won anything...

So, I have decided to challenge TOI's monopoly on stupid puns, and decided to come up with some of my own:

Come, watch Tom Cruise past in his bike in MI-2.

It is rumoured that Roger Waters down some obscene lyrics in his Indian concerts to avoid the moral police.

"Is Gordon Brown?" - Does he support Asian immigration?

"Was Anne Frank in writing her diary?" (no offence to the moving narrative)

"Carl Barks at his cartoons, and they quack back at him!"

"Britney Spears to the top of the charts with her latest single!" (yeah right!)

And my personal favourite...

Brooke Shields her chest after Blue Lagoon! (why, oh why do I always think dirty?)


PS: Readers are encouraged to come up with their own. Phonetic puns like "Goldman Sachs people", twisting words like "Is Sharon Stoned?" are also allowed, but it would be better if you can use the name as is.

PS 2: Partly inspired by the sidebar here.


  1. 3 blogs in 3 days... you confirm the state of joblessness...

  2. @ shilpi:
    duh, it is about managing your time effectively!


  3. there are theories of how karl marks his spot in history.

    whatte punpaadu you have

  4. @ RukmaniRam:
    yeah, if I had a nickel for every bad pun I made, I'd be a pun-naiyaar by now, owning large tracts of land...

  5. Goldman Sachs People indeed!
    Sharon stoned!
    Blogrolling you!!

  6. @ Vivek:
    tnx a lot... though after tht brief burst of pun, i'm back to more mundane PJs now :)