Dec 16, 2008

More on Engineers!

After the last post, I had resolved to myself that I won't write another post on engineers and bad puns. But then, I had also resolved that I'd exercise every day, and not touch alcohol for a year. So there!

Anyways, the reactions from those readers who are engineers were pretty predictable (logical?):
The Chemical Engineer accused me of rubbing Sodium Chloride into his wounds.
The Electrical guy was shocked at my rudeness towards engineers.
The Mechanical guy showed no emotion.
The Aeronautical Engineer flew off the handle.
The Marine Engineer was all at sea and did not know how to respond.
The Acoustic Engineer made a lot of noise, thus betraying his profession.
The Environmental Engineer claimed my mind was polluted.
The Computer guy gave me what looked like a programmed response.
And true to his branch, only the Civil Engineer was polite.
PS 1: After the last post, I realized that those engineers who do read MY posts may not be all that logical, and hence would be able to recognize the illogical puns. So I have decided not to highlight the bad puns with italics.
PS 2: Of course, the fact that the author received a couple of death threats from some of the aforementioned engineers (other than the Civil guy, of course) has nothing to do with the lowlighting of bad puns.
PS 3: I have always been acused of over-doing a PJ to the extent that it becomes overkill. And I plead guilty.


  1. @ Krish:
    tnk u very much!

  2. did the title imply "moron engineers"?? cha.

  3. @ RR:

    ha ha, that sounds nice... but not intended at all... in fact, my grouse with the engineers is that they are (act?) too intelligent!

  4. LOL!

    Here my two bits "The sanitation engineer thought it was crap"

  5. @ Naren:
    now, i am wondering whether that is a comment on the quality of the posts... but then, who cares abt what sanitation engineers think ;)

    Punster Extraordinaire!
    I guess the Structural Engineer just fell apart!
    (Thats my contribution)

  7. @ Vivek:
    Structural Engineer?? wht's the diff between tht guy and the civil engineer?

    now how many types of engineers are floating around ejjacktly?

  8. Heard about it being an ACTIVE degree in the US similar to civil engineering!
    You'd be surprised at how many more they have added.