Feb 14, 2008

I HATE V-day...

Today they say is the day of St. Valentine
but all i can do is groan and whine...
b'coz i currently don't have a crush,
i sooo want to, but i've gotta rush
have to reach office by half past nine!

so, while ppl plan a mushy date
i sit in office very very late
no one to cosy up to and cuddle
but for an excel model which has me in a muddle
somehow, i still end up feeling great!

occasionally, i fantasize late into the night
of having a fiercely contested pillow fight
she'll aim, she'll swing and she'll miss
and when I win, she'll give me a kiss...
and say "darling, turn off the f***ing light!"

everyone builds castles in the air,
even i dream of being 'one of a pair'
sometimes i ask, "God, dear pal...
hope you haven't forgotten to create my dream gal!"
she has to be beautiful, not necessarily fair...

But God said "u write such bad rhyme"
and in My books, that's a crime...
so, I curse you, in this life,
not you, but your mom will find you a wife
and oh, "better luck next time!"
PS: For those who do have a Valentine, enjoy your day!


  1. god says that is a very decent rhyme...

  2. I share the feeling SRK :)

  3. oh, thank you god...
    now do something about that dream gal...

  4. @roshan:
    tnx mate, but who doesn't?

  5. god helps those who help themselves... what do u think i am? ur uncle?

  6. Stambhit3:28 AM

    These days u r really dwelling deep into poetry da....Have u decided to pen all ur thoughts wid such limerick type verses??
    But, btw, whn did u exactly had such conversation with god? I found him busy these days arraging candles and et al.
    Waise, good post. :)

  7. @ monk/god:
    if u do arrange for that dream gal, u'll be called 'mama'... which is jus another way of sayin uncle...

  8. exactly the reason u gotta help yourself...

  9. @ monk:
    i wish a gal had said tht to me: "Help urself"...

    anyways, this to and fro on the comment space is too tiring... revert ur reply on gmail

  10. wow srk!!
    never thot a number-cruncher could be so creative...
    bahuuuut sahi :)

  11. Well SRK.. i think that is going to be the fate of most mortals who aint seeing anyone.. :).. but yes.. sometimes.. it may be worth converting a good buddy into a valentine.. :D.. anyway this has nothing to do with giving people a tingle!!!!!

  12. @ sattu:
    thank u thank u... btw, have you never heard of "creative accounting"? does the name Enron sound familiar?

    @ AJ:
    no comments on that comment... :))

  13. I somehow miss the SRK who used to write crap but in prose and not in limericks...but your blog, your call...

  14. @ Spidey:
    u want to see crap in prose?
    but my blogpost is like a rose...
    by any other form, stinks as much
    frankly, i don't like verse as such
    so, the next post will sure be verbose!

  15. well..u know ur mom could fix u up with a beautiful girl who's not necessarily fair! :)