Sep 8, 2008

A Wednesday... kinda review

I know I had said that I won't review movies, but then, rhyming is something that I don't resist...


As I was wondering what to do last saturday
trying to make the most of the weekend holiday;
my friends call me for a late night show,
for once, I decided to go with the flow
And thus, I ended up watching A Wednesday…

It opened with a sea side shot of Anupam Kher,
within a few minutes, he was roaring like a sher;
The reason was a phone call from Nasserudin Shah,
whose superb acting made audiences go wah wah
Seemed like this movie was gonna be worth the fare...

But soon, the film started to run thin on logic...
But my friends told me, "enjoy and don’t nit-pick"
A TV crew gets free entry into a private air base?
Or was the security winked at Deepal’s un-pretty face?
But everyone else was too caught up with Nasser’s magic

Every terrorist was a stupid screaming caricature
Not at all expected for a film of this stature!
The politicians were there just to be mocked,
but the audience is already raving that the film 'rocked'
I just don’t get it, but then mebbe, that is my nature…

Cliché after cliché, my mind was soon in a fog
I was almost ready to write a trashy blog,
Just when I thought “oh damn god, all is lost”
and was ruing over the pricey ticket cost
Nasser bhai delivers a god-awesome dialogue!!!

But in this sad age where Singh is Kinng
and actresses are full of nothing but bling...
Just for that one god awesome speech
From an excellent actor far out of reach
Praises of this movie, I shall gladly sing!!!


  1. which movie is this......... ?
    U trying watching movies!! I appreciate your sincere efforts :D

    Hey you cud have ended the last line in a rhyming note as well

    Praises of this movie, I shall gladly sing!!!
    Singh is Kingg Singh is Kingg Singh is Kingg!!


  2. The movie is A Wednesday... starring Anupam Kher and Nasserudin Shah...

    and yes, my new found prosperity is driving me to watch movies, making up for the 8 years of abstinence :)

    and as for the suggestion, well a limerick shud hv only 5 lines, and the 1st, 2nd and 5th line rhyme... as do the 3rd and 4th... and though i'm not stickin to all the rules of limerick writing strictly, i still follow the 5 line rule...

  3. wah wah

    how seriously do you recommend watching this movie? just for one speech? really?

  4. @ ambitextrous:
    1. It is a short movie... no masala, no songs
    2. Nasser is BRILLIANT...
    3. If you liked Rang De Basanti, you will like this...

    There are some cliches, which kept nagging me...

    Full Disclosure: I don't review movies... see the link at the top of the post to know why :)

  5. sorry maams... i beg to differ... u seem to be focused on the few errors in the movie... this is wot happens if you see movies for the first time ;)

    definitely a brilliantly "executed" movie... keeps you gripped till the end... a first movie after a long time that i dint move the slider or watch at a faster rate :P

    definitely accept that there are some cliches but those cannot be avoided... the positive about this movie is that it does not dwell very long on these silly situations...

    i would not say oscar material, but it is a welcome difference in bollywood from karan johars and farah khans...

  6. @ monk:
    i said i'll sing the praises of this movie...
    all i am tryin to highlight is tht jus bcoz it has Nasser doesn't mean one shud overlook obvious flaws... I am willin to do tht for Asin, not for Nasser

    and finally, to each his own...

  7. Kamal3:36 AM

    A wonderful movie after a long time.Carried a lot of meaning towards the end. Naseer rulez!
    Yea there are small flaws but then nothing is perfect.