Sep 30, 2008

I-banking PJs

I know Schadenfreude is a bad thing, but it is only an excuse to come up with some truly pathetic PJs...

People who are offended are welcome to come with their own version of project financier PJs...


Investment banking CEOs used to have an anthem which went “We work with the best! We have only carrot, and no stick!! We are the studs!!!”
After the crash, someone replaced ‘st’ with ‘d’ in their anthem…
… and even in their stock options!


Investment bankers are paid big bonuses for their brains. But of course, as basic economics says, the scarcer a thing is, the higher its value.


What’s common between London and Wall Street?
Both have a Big Ben, who does nothing but make periodic noises.


Why was the investment banker butchered?
B’coz he called himself ‘Master of the Universe’ (MOTU) and ‘Greatest of all time’ (GOAT). Now we all know what happens to a MOTU GOAT…


More when another bank goes bust... tragic that realization dawns very late that being a bond trader doesn't come with a license to kill...

PS: I still wouldn't mind being an investment banker...


  1. Kamal6:37 AM

    Good ones :)

  2. You are so heartless and insensitive!

  3. @ kamal:
    a PJ is insulted if u call it 'good'... a more acceptable compliment wud be to say smthing like 'truly pathetic'... but tnx anyways :))

    @ spidey:
    i'll take refuge in Scott Adams and retort, "u r being insensitive about my insensitivity"

  4. hahaha... that challenge to I-Bankers to come up with their own PJs... awesome...

    i can imagine them just copy pasting your post and replacing IBankers with project fin...

    wotever... i think you should have made at least a 100 PJs so that by the usual law of averages there was a high probability of finding one good one at least... ;)

  5. @ monk:
    I-bankers dont read my blogs... only supply chain consultants do... so I am safe...

    and the 100 PJ idea... this is precisely the kind of thinking that made them go bust... they thought, we'll package 100 bad loans, so that by law of averages, only a few of them will default... when the underlying is pathetic, 4 or 100 don't make a difference... they all go bad...

  6. I would want to add to this !! :)

    Popular Quote doing the rounds post the financial fiasco we all are seeing these days...
    "There are two sides to a Balance Sheet - the Left & the Right
    (Liabilities and Assets respectively)
    on the Left side there is nothing right.. and on the right side there is nothing left "

  7. @ v.anand:
    tht is precisely why ICAI shifted to vertical balance sheet... now there is no right and left side :)

  8. there are pjs. and then there are esoteric pjs.
    except in this case, I can still follow them, only not respond to them.

  9. @ rukmani ram:
    now that's the first time someone has called my post esoteric...

    pathetic, not funny, crap, somebody-stop-him are the responses that i am used to...

    tnx for introducing this new adjective :)