Jun 28, 2006

Mediocre But Arrogant

Why do MBAs think that they are better than others?

What makes them feel superior?

How do they feel free to sit in judgment of others?

When will they realize that ‘success’ and ‘failure’ are, but two sides of the same coin?

Where were they when the Lord said, “Let him, who has not sinned, cast the first stone”?

My experience has been that MBAs in general suffer from a superiority complex. Maybe, it is the feeling that they have cracked CAT, the so-called toughest exam in the world. Maybe, because they have come through a grueling selection process where 99 people are thrown out for every 1 taken in. Maybe, they know that companies will line up to offer them six figure salaries the day they pass out. Maybe, they really believe that they are the ‘crème de la crème’ of the society. Whatever the reason may be, in plain words, they are arrogant. But then, they put a spin on this too and call themselves ‘people with high self esteem’.

This arrogance manifests itself in a number of ways. Most MBAs are self obsessed, and think of ‘I, me, myself’ all the time. They wipe off the feeling of ‘empathy’ the day they step into a b-school. The secret of success, in their books, is to constantly blow your own trumpet. (Of course, it helps if you can lick your bosses’ @$$)

I have no issues with someone blowing his own trumpet. But, when people start accusing others, without caring a hoot for what the other person is feeling, well… I can’t stand there and keep quiet. Nor do I have the courage to stand up and protest. I am a coward, and I know that. That is what troubles me.

One day, I’ll stand up. One day, I’ll protest. One day… that day has never occurred so far… I keep hoping it will…

Till then, I keep asking, “Will I ever feel at home in this society? Will I ever be accepted here? Do I ‘want’ to part of this gang?”

The answers are staring in my face… and I don’t like them…
PS: The title is plagiarised from a popular book of the same name. Sorry for the infringement :)

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