Jun 24, 2006

Love at First Sight!!!

It was a familiar scene. A crowded railway station. Porters screaming out their services. Hawkers peddling inedible eatables. Kids running around, oblivious to the chaos around them, while their parents frantically hunted around for their compartments and seats. Add the sound of the engine, and the indecipherable Public Announcement System which starts with a jingle and then goes, “Yaatriyaan kripaya dhyaan de… “

I was being shoved around by people rushing to grab the best seats in the ‘unreserved’ compartments. I had three pieces of luggage, and my miserliness wouldn’t permit me to engage a porter. [I always convince myself by saying that one should have the dignity to carry one’s own luggage]. I was late and in a mad rush to catch my train. The taxi driver had conveniently taken advantage of my desperation to reach the station in time. I had had a bad day, when nothing seemed to be going right. In short, I was fed up, and ready to bash anyone up, if they dared to cross my way.

And then, I saw her!!!

She had the most beautiful face I had ever seen. But, it was her eyes that captivated me. Round, dark, and lively. She was fair, her skin perfect and soft. Her cheeks glowed. One look at her and all my worries just drifted away. I was lost in her eyes. I wanted to reach out to her, to touch her…

I took her in my arms, and I immediately felt a buzz of energy in my body. I just couldn’t take my eyes off her. I kissed her on the cheek, and she smiled… I’ll never forget that smile!!!

Man, holding such a cute little baby truly is refreshing!!!

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