Sep 13, 2009

Extoll mystery spiel... or Sell mystery exploit...

Imaginary convesation among bankers...

Banker 1 (B1): Hi buddy, long time no see, so what's your bonus?
Banker 2 (B2): Not all that great! Didn't even touch six figures!
B1: What are you saying? After all, you guys slog so hard for the damn cash!
Banker 3 (B3): Yeah, and that too at a bank accused of being land scam hogs!
B2: Your bank ain't all that great either! It is accused of being an analyst monger!
B1: Yeah, and I heard your traders moan strangely every time they lose money. And all they do is rant about money and gals.
B3: Hey, our bank got no measly grant from the government. After all, unlike your bank, we did not have an abhorrent man at the helms.
B1 (looking at his Blackberry): Anyways, got to go. Loads of work pending.
B2 & B3: Bye!

PS1: Inspired by this news. Never knew having a name which is an anagram of the place you work for makes you CEO material.

PS2: For those who are still scratching their heads, the italicized words in each sentence anagram to a bank's name. Some repeat the same bank.

Ps3: Er... the title is also an anagram. 3 words. Result of my usual goofing at the anagram solver.


  1. Not bad at all...creative..and introduced me to anagram thanks

  2. @ Liberal:
    yeah, anagram solver is fun... both to create anagrams and to solve them :)

  3. grrr...

    head scratched