Sep 23, 2009

DDLJ in limericks!!!

Yet another extremely silly post. The prospect of another 3-day weekend, coupled with some lighter workload in office, could be the possible reason behind such continued inanity.

So, sit back, give your brains some much needed rest, and enjoy... DDLJ in limericks!!!


We open with a shot of the strict father,
his grim set face indicating some bother,
And even as he feeds yet another dove,
you know he's gonna oppose beti's love,
that's something even a novice can gather!

We cut to Kajol chasing a moving train,
you think all her running will be in vain,
at the last minute, SRK gives her a hand,
a scene so magical, you search for the wand,
but why couldn't he simply pull the damn chain?

Look, there's Kajol in a sexy cocktail dress,
oh my god, my eyes pop, this one's backless!
and as they cruise across breathtaking Europe
in some corner of my mind, flickers a small hope
maybe this movie won't be such a boring mess!

But no, SRK hams on with his irritating "Senorita"
while Kajol acts as if she's the next Ramayan ki Sita!
Well, she does dance after having too much to drink
but even then all that my bored mind could think
was that sin theta by cos theta equals tan theta!

Next we see the hero baring his romantic heart
claiming to have been struck by a Cupid's dart
but the lady claims that she is her father's pet
and hence she'll marry a man she's never met
and on this tearful (snif) note, they both part...

"Bye bye dear, remember, don't you lose hope"
while the problem seems more than we can cope...
"C'mon now, gimme a cute smile, don't look so sad,
I'll come to India and convince your mom 'n dad"
But no, we won't take the easy way and elope...

Thus, we cut to Punjab, the land of fields so green,
Mehendi, songs, dance, the typical wedding scene,
All seems lost, till the hero arrives on the farm,
and wins over everybody, with his famous charm,
even the cobra of the dad is now dancing to his been!

But to win his girl, our hero puts up a fist-fight,
as if to show this lover boy also has some might,
ah, what relief, they show (finally!) "The End"!
I stagger out, "Howz the movie?" asks the friend,
I quip "Kajol in a towel, quite an exquisite sight!"


PS: Acknowledgements:
1. The cable guy for showing some songs of DDLJ over the weekend, thus triggering my nostalgic hatred of this movie that everyone else seems to love.

2. The evil gang of autowallahs, who refused to go where I wanted, for some reason best known to them, forcing me to walk some 40 minutes. Leading to my mind running riot.

3. An old crush, in whose memory, I had written this long back...

"When life throws up challenges that you can't cope,
remember one simple thing, there's always hope!
C'mon now, smile a little, don't look so sad,
I'll find a way to convince your mom and dad
else, my darling, why don't we just elope?

Just tweaked what would have turned into an inane senti personal post into this :)

4. Friends, who shall remain unnamed unless they want to reveal themselves, who happenned to bring up 'hope' in a conversation, leading me to dig out this long-forgotten tripe. You shall share part of the blame for this stupid post.


  1. For some reason, I feel lazy to go through the entire limerick for DDLJ sitting here at work. So I went straight to the end ;)
    After reading acknowledgement no. 2, I could not resist directing you to this

  2. "but why couldn't he simply pull the damn chain?" - Cmon only my hero can think of that!!! ;) Anyways....Good one!

  3. Wow! That's a work of epic proportions! Impressed.

  4. Anonymous12:27 PM

    the time the movie released..which was almost ages ago..I loved the movie as a ..naa not so much.. but one time I just watched the movie to see what others see in it!

    Cool limericks..and you have some talent huh..


    PS: so what else does your cable guy play.. my cable guy used to be lot of fun!

  5. @ V.Anand:
    I'm sorry, but you are starting to sound like an NRI... about how rules exist and how people can use them...

    @ Sri:
    well, your hero was an inspiration for that line :)
    and tnx :)

    @ Naren:
    Epic movie, epic proportions post :)

    @ Anon SS:
    I hated the movie as a teen... I hate it now... I'll hate it when I am sixty...

    and my cable guy also plays 'Ek se mera kya hoga'... about which I won't blog about ;)