Sep 18, 2009

Career Choices...

We are so happy with the prospect of a three-day weekend that we couldn't help coming up with a totally random, totally silly post. And since three day weekends leave us feeling like royalty, we can't help referring to ourselves as 'we'.

Anyways, here goes...


Q. What did Vijender Singh's mom say when he donned gloves for a career choice?
A. Arre yeh kya pagalpan hai! I'll have to knock out this nonsensical idea!

Q. What did Abhinav Bindra's mom say when he refused to give up a rifle for a career choice?
A. Shoot, that sonofagun is really focussed!

Q. What did Jeev Milkha's mom say when he insisted on picking up a golf club for a career choice?
A. I guess I have no choice but to putt up with it!

Q. What did Vishy Anand's mom say when he politely asked if he can pick up a chessboard for a career choice?
A. I don't know, I'll have to check, mate.

Q. What did Sachin Tendulkar's mom say when he picked up a cricket bat for a career choice?
A. Let's see, we'll have to bounce that idea with your dad and hope he doesn't smash it.

Q. What did Saina Nehwal's mom say when she wanted to smash a shuttle for a career choice?
A. Well, I'm only afraid your dad might create a big racquet.

Q. What did Leander Paes' mom say when he decided to make tennis his career choice?
A. Well, I was hoping you'd become a divorce lawyer, but I guess it is destined that you'll just go to court and break up with your best partner.

Q. What did Narain Karthikeyan's mom say when he revved up behind a set of wheels for a career choice?
A. Go ahead son, I'll not stand in your way.

Q. What did an average-no-name-Indian's mom say when he contemplated commerce for a career choice?
A. Aieee Saala, you have to do engineering.
And the boy meekly said "Jee Maa".

PS: Couldn't resist that last dig at the engineers. As usual.


  1. hahahaha... good one...

  2. LOL!

  3. @ Anand:
    tnk u tnk u... and welcome back :)

    @ Vivek:
    tnx :)

    @ Naren:
    tnx... is it LOL-worthy enuf to get a share of the 6K butter chicken? :)

  4. Anonymous10:12 AM

    heheh..good one! and three-day weekend...niceee!


  5. what three day weekend? why three day weekend? who's we?

  6. PJs Galore! Brightened my weekend (albeit being only 2 days long)... :D

  7. Anonymous5:07 PM

    You are about a year older and at least 20 years funnier than me:)

    Loved your blog!


  8. Vijay:

    I will seem to stick out like a sore thumb here. Been a long time since you wrote something worthwhile. :(

  9. Good One! :-)

    Wishing u many more 3-day weekends...

  10. @ Anon SS:
    tnx... and yeah, i'd be jumping with joy at the 3 day weekend except that I don't want the ppl from the floor below to complain...

    @ RR:
    What three day weekend: Sat, Sun, Mon
    Why: Sat, Sun are off all weeks... Mon tnx to Ramzan Id.
    Who's we: We are just one person - SRK. Except that we sometimes prefer to use the royal 'we'... especially when we get a 3 day lazy weekend :)

    @ Juggler:
    tnx... and hope you had a nice weekend... even if it is a day shorter!

    @ Ram:
    That's probably the first time that being called '20 years' more feels like a compliment :)

    @ Spidey:
    I know :(
    but you know that most of the time, I don't set out to write anything worthwhile...

    @ Sangeetha:
    tnx... and you know what? I have 2 more 3-day weekends thanks to Dussera and Gandhiji :)

  11. Dude I just saw that punch dialogue "Konjam sirripu, konjam veruppu..."

    Mark me as a fan from now on!

  12. tht hilarious, especially the vishy and the narain karthikeyan ones !!

  13. @ Ram's back:
    tnx, though I'd prefer talking to the person and not the back :)

    @ V.Anand:
    tnx bro! and how's you?