Jul 6, 2009

We also get senti...

The sun had risen, it was fairly bright,

And across the sky soared a great skylark

But something just did not feel alright

Deep inside my heart, I just felt quite dark.



I watched the sea, wave after raging wave,

And somehow it made me feel eerily calm;

So full of life, yet many a poor sailor’s grave,

I wonder what secrets you hide in your palm.



As the waters came up and kissed my feet,

I just walked along, and sat on the shore;

It was cold, but all I could feel was the heat,

Something was burning, at my very core.



I just sat there by myself, totally alone,

Not a soul in sight, not a single sound;

As the waves made me wet to the bone,

I just lay and listened to my heart pound.




Soon, dark clouds hid the sun, and it all went bleak

Lightning, thunder and a mighty rainstorm

I felt the raindrops slowly roll down my cheek

Strange, some of them were salty and warm.






Or maybe it was God taking a leak?

(adds the non-senti SRK)


PS1: Inspired by a weekend trip to a beach near Bombay. Got totally drenched too. Rains don't seem too bad when you are having fun.

PS2: Pic taken during the trip by a friend. Don't think he would have copyright issues. In any case, if you are reading this, consider yourself acknowledged.

PS3: Just to assuage fears that I may have turned into this mushy, weepy, senti being, here's a bonus PJ for you people...

Q. What did Russell Crowe say when the tiger killed his mother-in-law?

A. Glad he ate her.


  1. Dude, that's not the world-renowned gladiator joke. I'd post it here, but it's R rated.

  2. Rain, water, beach.. whether you like all these or not, it keeps coming up in ur life.

    "sivakami sonnadhu light eh work out aagudhu nu nenakaren"

    PS: A good PJ is one for which people chase you to hurt you.

  3. Anonymous9:13 PM

    "Rains don't seem too bad when you are having fun.".. See I told you! :P
    Wishing you that Amrita Rao to be by your side next time! ;)

    super PJ! :D


  4. @ idling:
    post it... it's not like this is a kid's blog or something...

    @ Chiju:
    i hate the rains... but i do love beaches...

    and who's sivakami?

    @ Anon SS:
    yeah, the only thing missing in that weekend of fun was Amrita Rao by my side...