Jul 27, 2009

Malice in Hinterland - II

Continued from Part-I...


Meanwhile, in the western corner of the country...

"Who's the hottest CM in the world,

Pardesi bol, Pardesi Bol, Pardesi bol bol bol bol

MoU karade, jo baad me tu chahe invest kar ya hatade

paise dikhade, toh tujhe hum saara zameen dilade"

There was a mela going on. People who had escaped the inanity of the great country and were lucky enough to have made their riches elsewhere, had returned to 'give something back'. And were talking of putting up 500 MW solar farms. Clearly, Wonderland-ia was still ‘Shining’ as far as this part of the country was concerned.

"Who's the hottest CM in the world

Pardesi bol, Pardesi Bol, Pardesi bol bol bol bol..."


"We don't want any paradesis in our land" announced the 'artistic' CM from the South. "Our language is rich enough, we don't want their riches. And to think they are talking about the sun now. We have had the sun as a symbol for ages now."

“Thalaivar Vaazhga! Kalaignar Vaazhga!” shouted the cadres in chorus as they lined up for their free TVs to watch ‘Sun TV in Tamizh Malai’.

“People are surprised that I agreed with the Italian lady to form a government. Little do they know that I have a long tradition of following Roman leaders. After all, like Augustus Caesar, I also decreed that the calendar be changed and now our people celebrate New Year when I want them to!”

"The New Year won’t be in Chitthirai, but will be in Thai

Shun Sanskrit, Respect the Tamil month, so proclaimed I!"

He wove a couplet, dreaming about composing 1330 of them and becoming famous like the other great poet.

To host the Nano, the east and the west put orey sandai

while we in the south quietly welcome the korean hyundai!

Another 1328 to go, he thought to himself...


Should this be continued?


  1. i think i need a guide book or at least footnotes explaining wotever you are writing...

    but yeah politics was never my cuppa-T...

    carry on...

  2. @ Anand:
    well, did i complain when you wrote ur F1 posts?

  3. yaar Vijay....yeh doosra baar hua ki mujhe kuch samajh nahin aya tera post padh ke...but issok...

  4. Anonymous8:41 AM

    Enjoyed the Kalaignar part! :) and I'm understanding everything in the post..unlike some ppl here..am I the enlightened one! :P

    Well written and in form..so please continue!


  5. Anonymous11:54 AM

    ah. what happened to the customary P.S. at the end.

    Happened to visit your blog thro coconut chutney's. If my memory serves me right, I think you had commented on one of her posts and that got me here. Your posts are super duper :). Thanks for the entertainment. keep them coming

    - Sampath

  6. @ Spidey:
    well, what can I say? the feeling's mutual :)

    @ Anon SS:
    enlightened one? I dunno...

    but yeah, tnx for the nice words :)

    @ Sampath:
    tnx :)
    and the customary PS was "Should this continue?"... except I forgot to put the PS