Jul 26, 2009

Malice in Hinterland

Once upon a time, in a country so near that we are living in it, there lived many kings and many queens, each squabbling with the other as to whose diamond set and vintage car collection was the bestest.

In the middle of this peaceful existence arrived India's first Fe-Male (yeah, even commerce students remember some chemical symbols from much hated science class!), sulking that he was not made the first prime minister. Undeniably a great man, but he decided to inflict his revenge for the gross injustice meted out to him. And he achieved this by unifying all those princely states into one huge country. And while the person who actually got to become the prime minister went around spouting 'unity in diversity', the First Fe-Male of India probably chuckled to himself, "Let's see you rule this unruly bunch sucker!"

And like the butterfly who flapped its wings not knowing it was going to cause a storm halfway across the world, our man did not realize what he had unleashed upon this nation, a nation so great that its people proclaimed its greatness on the 'backside' of their killer trucks.

Almost half a century later, thanks to him, we have many leaders instead of one, and that much more fun. (Did that ryhme, or what?)


To start off, let me introduce you to that wonderful lady in the north, she who proves that having an illusion for a name doesn't make reality any better.

Lady M: "Are the statues ready?"
Chamcha 1 (C1): "Yes your Sisterness"
Lady M: "And did you make sure the handbag is visible on them? After all, owning a handbag is a symbol of empowerment"
C1: "Yes your Sisterness"

Suddenly, there is a lot of commotion...

C2: "Blasphemy! Some lady has insulted our Big Sister! Live, on TV!!!"
Lady M: "Off with her head!"
C1: "Er, we can't do that"
Lady M: "How I wish Lewis Carroll was writing this instead of this stupid blogger!"
C2: "But we can book her under a draconian law and not give her bail."
Lady M: "Ah, there is some justice in this world after all"
C1 (hurriedly passing an order to delete the word 'irony' from the dictionary): "Indeed"

(To be continued)...


  1. "..in a country so near that we are living in it..."!


  2. Loved the Fe-Male joke!
    You really outdo yourself man!
    :D :D

  3. @ naren and vivek:
    tnx :)

    the Fe-Male PJ is borrowed from an email fwd though...

  4. Anonymous8:36 AM

    nice..I wud have been excitedly waiting for the second part, but since I am late..I can just click on Part-II :D