Sep 17, 2006

Weekend Masti

Every weekend I promise myself so many things – I’ll start exercising, I’ll clean my room, I’ll re-arrange my desk and numerous other mundane activities that I don’t take time out for during ‘busy’ weekdays.

Every weekend, I promise myself that I’ll not while away my time in some useless activity, and do something which stimulates my creativity and helps me develop an all round personality.

I want to learn a new language, learn a new skill, learn something on the computer, read a good book, write letters to family, play chess (with a human opponent), go for a trek and admire Nature, and sooo many other things.

Every weekend…

I start my weekends with a good dinner with friends… which sets up the mood for the night and the next day…
I then religiously call up home and do some small talk… usually, the questions and the answers remain the same, and unless I have some specific news, I think I can practically record my answers on a tape and play it and they wouldn’t find it out :)
I check my long forgotten email ids for some useless spam, write crappy scraps in people’s orkut homepage, write more crap in my blog…
I then move on to a small computer game… Age of Empires, Cricket, Tennis etc. which takes about 2-3 hours and 'refreshes' me :)
Then, I watch a movie on my comp… which again takes anything from 2-3 hours depending on whether it is English or Hindi/Tamil…
At the end of all this, the time would be around 4.00 am and I decide that it is time to get some good sleep.

The next day I wake up at around 11.00-12.00, and do the usual morning activities. Lunch usually happens at 12.30 and then, the long wait for the ‘one and only’ Washing Machine in the Hostel to be free. More games on the comp, or another movie follows. An afternoon siesta which stretches to late evening, and the weekend is almost over. It is time to arrange some things for the next day college classes (or the on going autumns project, for now).

I promise myself that the next weekend, I’ll surely not waste time like this. I look around and see 99% of my batchmates doing the same routine, and the relative laziness makes me feel better.

Then, I remember the saying, “A day not wasted is a day wasted”, and I feel happy!!!

PS: This state of (in)activity has definitely made me an ‘all-round’ personality, particularly at the waist!!!

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