Feb 9, 2014

Musings on 'The Purpose of Life'...

This is what happens when you send me on a corporate training course to a chilly hill station, and wake me up at 6.30 am to ponder on 'The Purpose of Life':

Ever since he first gazed up the sky, this bloody question has haunted man,
Where do I stand in the Grand Scheme of Things, in the so-called Divine Plan,

Who am I, Where do I come from, where do I go?
And in my brief lifetime, what the fuck should I do?

But what if there is no 'Divine Plan' or 'Grand Scheme', what if there is nothing at all
What if it's just "you are born, you live and you die" and that's the end of it all

Well, if even one person's happy that you're around, and sad when you are not
In my books, my friend, you would have done way better than the whole lot.

Oh, I did some rock climbing as well. And ate strawberries. Lots of them.

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